You’ll LOL When You Hear Alan Alda’s Answer To A Reporter’s Question About Divorce DirectExpose
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You’ll LOL When You Hear Alan Alda’s Answer To A Reporter’s Question About Divorce

Published on December 27, 2019

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Being married is hard. Being married in Hollywood is even harder. There are a plethora of reasons why staying married as an actor is hard. Actors are on-location filming, away from their partners and families for months at a time. While they’re there, they’re cozying up costars onscreen, and sometimes offscreen. It’s a lot of pressure for a marriage to endure. So, it’s no surprise that most celebrity couples don’t make it for very long. Even the couples that seem to be head over heels often end up splitting.

Because long marriages are such a rarity among actors, it’s always remarkable to hear about a couple that’s stayed together for decades. Alan Alda and his wife Arlene are one of those remarkable couples. They’ve been together for over 60 years!

Recently, during an interview about his new movie, “Marriage Story,” Alda was asked if he’d ever considered divorce. He quickly joked, “No, but I’m sure my wife contemplated murder!” His good-natured quip acknowledges that being with someone for six decades can make anyone a bit homicidal. But obviously, the Aldas are doing just fine.

Their Love Story

Alan and Arlene Alda have been married since 1957. They met at a party at a mutual friend’s house, and they knew they were right for each other almost immediately. How? When a rum cake cooling in the kitchen fell on the floor, they both grabbed forks and ate the cake off the floor. Alda joked once while sharing the story, “That’s how you know. When two people eat a cake off the floor, that’s it for life.”

Arlene Alda is just as talented as her husband but in different ways. When she was younger she was a very talented musician. She won a Fullbright Scholarship to study the clarinet in Germany and she was part of the National Orchestra. She moved on from playing music professionally and pursued writing. She’s written a number of children’s books and her articles have been featured in some of the most prestigious magazines in print. As if that wasn’t enough talent, Arlene Alda is also a very successful photographer. Her photos have also appeared in a number of prestigious magazines, like Vogue.

Their mutual talent and creativity was a major factor in the development of their relationship. They supported each other’s endeavors and became each other’s biggest fans, which is evidenced by the fact that they’re still together and supporting each other today.

The Secret To Their Long-Lasting Love

When you manage to stay married for six decades, everyone wants to know how you did it. So, Alan and Arlene frequently get asked in interviews “what’s the secret to staying married that long?” Alda’s answer? “My wife says the secret of a long marriage is a short memory,” The intent behind the sentiment being that you can’t hold onto every single little thing when you’re married for that long. It’s best to forget the little things that annoy or upset you on a daily basis and focus on the big things. And, of course, focus on the love.

Another important part of their long-lasting marriage has been their support of each other. Alda often talks about how they’re both very busy pursuing their various projects, but they always take the time to encourage each other. They remind each other that they’ll do great before they head out. And they cheer each other on through every pursuit. They’re both very proud of each other’s accomplishments and they make sure the other one knows it.

And they support each other even more when the going gets tough. In 2015, Alan Alda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. His wife was so in tune with his normal behaviors that she actually noticed things were off before he did. And she’s been by his side, helping him through every step of the way.

Talk about #relationshipgoals!

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