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How The X-Men Can Change The MCU’s Landscape

Published on June 28, 2019

With the Fox-Disney deal becoming official, various Marvel characters can make the jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). One group of characters fans can’t wait to see are the X-Men. Their forthcoming involvement with the beloved universe can expand it for a long time.

From The Comics To The Big Screen

With the release of Dark Phoenix, the end of Fox’s era of X-Men has arrived. While the delayed New Mutants still hasn’t been released, many are looking at this as the official swan song. Since 2000’s X-Men, Fox was able to grow a billion-dollar franchise. Overall, the 12 released films have earned a combined $5.92 billion.

Even with a massive box office intake, criticism ran rampant amongst die-hard fans. Films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: Apocalypse left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Fortunately, the studio learned their lesson with Origins and gave Wolverine and Deadpool their rightful time in the sun. 2016’s Deadpool broke countless records as it dominated in the box office with $783 million earned. 2017’s Logan became the first superhero film to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. When it comes to introducing popular X-Men characters in the MCU, it might take a while. “There is no rush to bring the X-Men to the marketplace after this. And when they come back, it’s going to extend Marvel’s run another 10 years,” one anonymous producer told The Hollywood Reporter.

Seeing Some Familiar Faces Soon?

One major situation with bringing in characters such as Cyclops and Professor X involves the actors. Marvel Studios may be looking at recasting these characters for their expanding universe. Several actors from Fox’s X-Men series have been vocal about suiting up for Marvel. “Sure, I’d be down. I think that world, there just are no rules. You can do whatever you want. If there’s some iteration down the line where we’re involved…that’s been a special thing to be a part of for a good period of my life and I love those fans and I love playing that character so, yeah, I’d be totally open to that,” actor James Marsden told Marsden played Cyclops in the original X-Men trilogy. In 2014, he made a cameo appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Sophie Turner, who played Jean Grey, wasn’t sure about joining the fray. “I don’t know. I feel the complexities of the X-men being shunned by society and segregated is not something that happens in the Avengers universe. Of course, I want to see them crossover but I don’t think the themes through X-men will collaborate well with the Avengers. It’ll be very different. If they do it, I’d love to see how it turns out,” she told Newsweek.

A Perfect Time To Drop

Another situation about adding the X-Men is how they could debut. Phase Four of the MCU is slated to run from 2020 through 2024 with the debuts of The Eternals and Shang-Chi. This phase will also include a Black Widow film and sequels for Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Phase Five, however, is completely open. Introducing the X-Men during this time is the most surefire solution. If they’re not willing to wait until 2025, they could bring some X-Men characters to the small screen. A possible series on Disney+ or Hulu would keep fans happy. In the end, a proper X-Men film is the way to go. Marvel Studios could potential build things towards a highly requested Avengers vs X-Men movie. Whatever the situation, the X-Men are coming, and the MCU will benefit greatly from it.

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