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A Woman Could Replace Harrison Ford As Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg Says

Published on April 28, 2018

Lucasfilm Ltd./IMDB

Director Steven Spielberg has revealed he’s open to the next Indiana Jones being played by a woman. The fifth installment of the action-adventure franchise will be released in July 2020 and is expected to be the last film featuring Harrison Ford in the titular role as Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr.

Discussing who could replace Ford, the legendary director admitted it was time the explorer took a “different form” and hinted that could mean casting a woman in the lead role.

Indiana Joan?

Harrison Ford has been playing everyone’s favorite all-action archeologist since the first film, 1981’s Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. He will be 77 when Indiana Jones 5 is released and the movie is expected to be the last time he dons the famous Indie fedora.

Discussing life after Ford, Spielberg told The Sun: “This will be Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones movie, I am pretty sure, but it will certainly continue after that.” Asked if the new Jones could be female, he nodded and added: “We’d have to change the name from Jones to Joan. And there would be nothing wrong with that.”

New Movie Secrets

The disappointment of 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull means fans are even more excited about the prospect of Indiana Jones 5, which begins shooting in the U.K. next April. There’s not much to get excited about just yet, though.

Aside from Ford’s involvement, few other details have been confirmed about the cast or premise for the movie by Lucasfilm or Disney. Whoever takes over from the legendary actor is likely to be introduced in the new movie, which may explain the secrecy around production.

The Next Generation

Speculation over Ford’s replacement has been going on for years, with Chris Pratt emerging as the front-runner. One actor fans can rule out is Shia LaBeouf. He appeared as Ford’s secret son Mutt Williams in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, however, it’s already been confirmed that he won’t return for the new movie.

If they do go for a woman, Star WarsDaisy Ridley could be a popular choice. The British actress had sizzling on-screen chemistry in The Force Awakens where she more than held her own with the legend. She’s also a pretty good fighter and hasn’t been phased by joining one of the biggest movie franchises in Hollywood.

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