The Real Reason Why The Hulk Didn’t Come Out To Fight In ‘Infinity War’ DirectExpose
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The Real Reason Why The Hulk Didn’t Come Out To Fight In ‘Infinity War’

Published on July 10, 2019

In Avengers: Infinity War the Hulk refuses to come out and fight. This was very alarming. Let’s face it, as awesome as Doctor Strange and Iron Man are, those aliens could have used a Hulk-sized beating. The biggest question fans were asking was: Why? Thankfully, the Russo Brothers revealed the real reason why The Hulk was hiding in Infinity War.

Hulk To The Rescue

Time after time the Hulk came to the rescue to, quite literally, smash the competition. We can look back at almost all of the Marvel films (after The Avengers) and see that this is true. He comes out, big fists swinging, just when they need a giant green monster that can get hit by a building and walk away unscathed. Ask yourself: If this were your life, how would you like it if you were only able to come out when you’re needed to smash something to pieces? That is the question the Russo brothers presented us with.

Let’s remember that both Bruce Banner and the Hulk want control over the host body. The Hulk is never happy when he loses out to Banner. We can see the Hulk getting stronger in his ability to maintain control over the body in Thor: Ragnarok. This alarms Bruce as he thinks that if it were to happen again, he may not be able to come back at all. After all, the Hulk has proven to be quite a worthy adversary on more than one occasion. We know that the Hulk can’t be happy about having to give up the control. Should we have guessed retribution was coming?

Being Bruce Banner’s loyal killing machine must have finally gotten to the Hulk. The Hulk is simply tired of playing the hero while Banner gets to shove him right back down, all the while getting the credit for what the Hulk just smashed. In Thor: Ragnarok, we see the Hulk getting to play the hero as the Grandmaster’s champion. He wins over and over again and most importantly he gets all the credit. People love him for once instead of fear him.

Thank The Russo Lords

This came as a relief to fans, as they were all busy coming up with theories as to why the Hulk wouldn’t come out during Infinity War. One of which was the very scary thought: what if Banner was a Skrull imposter? This would explain why he wasn’t able to access the Hulk’s powers. It could have easily happened sometime during Thor: Ragnarok. Let’s take a moment for a collective sigh of relief that this theory was false.

In Avengers: Endgame we get to see the result of the decades-long battle: Bruce Banner as the Hulk! We see the big green Hulk, but Bruce Banner is the one talking. No broken sentences like, “Hulk strong.” Bruce Banner and the Hulk have finally found a way to share the host body. No one thought that was possible, but it only serves to make the Hulk all the more incredible. Although we do not get to see the actual process through which Banner and Hulk went to get to this peaceful point, we know it couldn’t have been easy.

New Hulk!

We hope the Russo brothers are taking a bow because we love the new Hulk! He proves very useful in both “Bannertech” and kicking alien butt. At times, we may miss the battle between the Hulk and Banner as it is all we’ve ever known. We’re sure the excitement for what’s to come for the new Hulk will outweigh the sadness. Just imagine the classic Hulk smash with the loveable Bruce Banner trash talk! Yes, please!

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