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The Whereabouts Of “Duck Dynasty” Cast Members

Published on April 16, 2020

Master Sgt. Jason W. Edwards/U.S. Air Force

Debuting in 2012, Duck Dynasty showcased the world of duck hunting through the eyes of the Robertson family. The show became a smash hit for A&E with a pair of spinoffs unveiled as a result. We look at what happened to certain cast members after the show’s end.

Two Of A Kind

Since the show, Phil Robertson has been busy hosting In the Woods with Phil on CRTV. he also hosts the podcast Unashamed with Phil Robertson along with his sons Al and Jase. In 2019, he released the book “The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country.” His wife Kay starred in the reality series “Restored With Missy Robertson,” which follows her journey to save lives through jewelry.

The married couple still finds time to care about others and to help out those in need. “I’ve devoted my life to helping others.  [My wife and I] go to them. The rehabs. The prisons. The downtrodden. The ones that no one would give a hoot about. The homeless,” Robertson told Fox News. “When we meet together, we have food. We meet together on Sunday mornings. People who sleep under bridges can come in. [And we] get them a good meal.”

Coming Up Sadie

Phil’s granddaughter Sadie grew up before everyone’s eyes on the reality show. Like many young reality show stars, having their lives on TV was a struggle at times. “Everyone goes through difficult things. I don’t think I went through more or less. It’s just different because everything is magnified. Like everyone has breakups, but mine trend on Twitter,” she told Tampa Bay Times. Following the show, she appeared in the music videos for Lawson Bates’ “Past The Past” and Brett Eldredge’s “The Long Way.”

In November 2019, Sadie married Christian Huff at her family’s farm in Louisiana. Aside from family, her Dancing with the Stars partner Alfonso Ribeiro also attended the ceremony. The two got engaged following nine months of dating. “I want him to succeed in all the things and he wants me to succeed in other things, and we enjoy doing it together because he’s my best friend and I think that those elements make it really special. I think friendship is the most important thing in a relationship and ours is really strong,” Sadie told US Magazine.


Big Man On Campus

As the CEO of Duck Commander, Willie is easily the hardest working person in the family. Aside from the duck call company, he also ran the deer hunting brand Buck Commander. If things didn’t go their way, they could have easily transitioned to a coaching position. “I have a PE degree, so my back up plan was going to be working as a coach. My father did the same thing; he has a physical education degree as well. I did love athletics, so I thought I would coach. I coached all my kids when they were young in different leagues. I would probably be a coach; I think I would enjoy that,” Willie told Beck’s Hybrids.

Willie has written several books, including 2018’s “American Entrepreneur: How 400 Years of Risk-Takers, Innovators, and Business Visionaries Built the U.S.A.” Along with his wife Korine, Willie founded a new production company focusing on TV. “We’re looking at different television shows, and really the same kind of messages — positive shows the whole family can watch. We may be on some shows, we may not,” Willie told Pikes Peak Courier. With the success of “Duck Dynasty,” it won’t be long until the offers come in.

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