What Did Drogon Do With Daenerys’ Body? The Answer Is Ridiculously Satisfying DirectExpose
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What Did Drogon Do With Daenerys’ Body? The Answer Is Ridiculously Satisfying

Published on December 19, 2019


In May of 2019, after eight seasons on the air, the epic final episode to Game of Thrones aired. And it was a lot to process. Fans had a lot of strong feelings, especially about how Daenerys’ story ended. Many believe that making her into the Mad Queen was a betrayal to a character who had done so much to be better than the Targaryen legacy. And many fans were enraged by Daenerys’ death in the final episode, especially because it was at the hands of Jon Snow.

The final season also left fans with lots of questions. Game of Thrones was such a complicated and layered story that it’s no surprise that the showrunners didn’t manage to tie up all the loose ends before ending the series. But that doesn’t stop fans from incessantly asking for answers. And now that the eighth season is out on DVD and Blu Ray, the showrunners are starting to provide some of those answers via the commentary tracks on the episodes.

One of the most important facts they’ve revealed so far is the answer to what Drogon did with Daenerys’s body after flying off past the horizon.

Fan Speculation

Before the showrunners gave a specific answer to this important question, Internet theories were plentiful. One popular fan theory suggested that Drogon was taking Daenerys to be resurrected. As we all know, dead doesn’t necessarily mean dead in the Game of Thrones universe. So, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Drogon was heading to either Asshai or Volantis to be resurrected.

In case you don’t remember every detail from the show, Asshai is where Dany’s dragon eggs supposedly came from, so it’s possible there’s magic there that could bring Dany back. Volantis is the home of the priests and priestesses of the Lord of Light reside, and we all know that they have the power to resurrect people, as demonstrated by Melisandre. And a priestess of the Lord of Light told Tyrion that Daenerys was the one who was promised, so it makes sense that the priests and priestesses in Volantis would be loyal to Dany.

Another fan theory posited that Drogon would take Dany to Valyria, which is the ancestral home of the dragons. This theory suggests that Drogon would want to go “home” and take his beloved mother with him to lay her to rest.

By far the grossest fan theory proposed is that Drogon flew off with Dany in order to… eat her. The reasoning behind this theory isn’t really clear. And it’s not really something anyone wants to think about too much.

Though these are some great theories (except that last one!), now know that none of them were quite right. So what did happen?

Drogon’s Destination

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the showrunners of Game of Thrones, confirmed that Drogon was headed to Volantis. In the final episode, Samwell Tarly does give a guess about where Drogon was headed, but his sentence was cut off. Many fans insisted that he was in the midst of saying “Volantis” and Benioff and Weiss confirmed this in the commentary. In addition to being the home of the Temple of the Lord of Light, Volantis is where Dany and Viserys fled to after Robert’s Rebellion. It’s where Dany spent most of her childhood, so it’s the closest thing she had to a real home. So, Drogon did, in fact, take her body home to lay her to rest.

The showrunners didn’t comment on whether taking Dany to Volantis had anything to do with her being resurrected. But since there isn’t a sequel to the show in the works, it’s not likely that this was their intention. It does leave the option open in the event of a sequel in the future though.

And to everyone’s relief, Weiss and Benioff specifically said that Drogon didn’t eat Dany. Apparently there’s a precedent in fantasy novels that dragons eventually eat their masters, and Emilia Clarke, the actress who played Dany brought this up to the showrunners. They assured her that Dany wouldn’t be eaten.

So, now we know for sure what became of Dany and Drogon. Will she be brought back by the Lord of Light? Unfortunately, wemay never know.

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