‘Westworld’ Actress Explains What Drives Emily, Her Mysterious New Character DirectExpose
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‘Westworld’ Actress Explains What Drives Emily, Her Mysterious New Character

Published on May 25, 2018

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In “Riddle of the Sphinx,” the season two, episode four installment of HBO’s Westworld, a major plot twist is revealed with just two little words: “Hi, dad.” For those who know the Man in Black’s past, this is a big deal.

Meet Emily

This line, spoken by Emily, reveals her to be the daughter of the Man in Black. It’s a development that ties up a lot of the loose ends that were laid out in previous episodes.

That said, there is still much to be learned about the mysterious newcomer and her relationship to her father. Since her arrival, fans have been speculating about what her cryptic appearance may mean moving forward.

The Actress Weighs In

In a recent interview, Katja Herber (the actress who plays Emily) revealed some of her own interpretations of what makes her character who she is and how she relates to the Man in Black.

“I’m on a mission,” asserted Herber, speaking for Emily in the first person. “I want to find my father and I want to talk to him. And I think I probably haven’t seen him since my mom died, and there’s a world of stuff to talk about.”

Who Is Emily?

When asked about her character’s personality, she cited a line that stood out to her: “She has this line when we’re tied up by Ghost Nation. I’m talking to Stubbs, and he asks me, ‘You’ve spent enough time in the park to learn their language?’ And I said, ‘Yeah. Other people tend to ignore their narratives. I don’t like other people all that much.’ It’s such a great line, and so informative for the kind of person she is.”

According to Herber, fans can expect to see some of Emily’s complexities come out of the woodwork as the show progresses. “She’s probably very different from her dad, but she’s also her dad’s daughter,” explained the actress, “and there’s a darkness to her.”

It certainly sounds like fans can expect to learn more about her character in upcoming episodes.

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