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We Can Add TV To The List Of ‘Resident Evil’ Media

Published on July 6, 2019

Resident Evil fans, get excited! Word on the street is that Resident Evil is coming to Netflix as an original series. As there are 11 original Resident Evil games, 14 spin-offs, 10 books, 10 movies, and 12 comics, it’s unclear what the series is going to focus on.

What Started It All: The Games

The first Resident Evil game was released in 1996 for Playstation. This game was released under a brand new genre: survival horror. The first few games focus on the premise of a T-virus infecting the public. The Umbrella Corporation is behind the attack and the main antagonist. They also focus on the Arklay Mountains as the initial area of infection. The T-virus is quickly spreading to Raccoon City. To prevent any further spread of the T-virus, a nuclear strike is ordered to sterilize Raccoon City.

The last few games focus on the aftermath of the events that transpire in the first half of the games. Many of the main characters featured in the first half of the games come back in the second half with a new set of challenges. The spin-off games focus more on previous or original characters’ individual journies through the Resident Evil universe.

For The Book Worms

The very first novel was written by Hiroyuki Ariga and published in 1997 as one part of the book The True Story of Biohazard. S.D Perry wrote a series comprised of seven books. The first five books are novelizations of the first five games. He also wrote two original novels in which the timeline focuses on events that took place between the games. The novels often added in events that occurred outside and beyond the events that occurred in the games. There are also novelizations of the live-action film series written by Keith DeCandido, John Shirley, and Tim Waggoner.

Resident Evil Hits The Big Screen

There is an animated series that is comprised of four movies that focus on the events that happen in between major installments.  And there is a live-action series that is comprised of six movies that don’t really follow the main events of the games. The movies do not follow the same premise of the games but do feature some of the game characters. The live-action series faced some negative criticism. Despite that, the movies hold the title of “most successful movie series based on a video game”.

Comic Books And Graphic Novels

Marvel Comics published just one prologue comic based on the original Resident Evil. WildStorm produced a monthly comic series based on the first two games which resulted in five issues. They also released a four-issue series about an original team created for the comic called Charlie Team. And they published a series of four graphic novel collections that were based on an adaptation of Code: Veronica, originally written in Hong Kong by Lee Chung Hing. The comics often explored events outside of the happenings in the games, much like the liberties that Perry took in his novels.

But What Can We Expect To See On Netflix?

Netflix may decide to include a few aspects of all the previous media that have been created based on Resident Evil. They may also decide to take it in a completely new direction. Speculation is that the series will keep the base premise. It will have a more in-depth exploration of the Umbrella Corp. The same company that was behind the film series will be producing the Netflix series: Constantin Film. The series is still in its early stages with a creative team yet to be confirmed. The only thing we know for sure is that Constantin Film will be producing the show.

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