What’s Better Than One New ‘Dune’ Movie? Two New ‘Dune’ Movies! DirectExpose
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What’s Better Than One New ‘Dune’ Movie? Two New ‘Dune’ Movies!

Published on August 10, 2018

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For years, popular novels have served as inspiration for numerous filmmakers in Hollywood. While some tend to stray from the original source material, others are incredibly accurate to these beloved books. One of the more notable novels brought to life on the big screen has got to be the Frank Herbert classic, Dune.

Major News

While this galactic tale has already been brought to life in a cinematic way back in 1984 by director David Lynch, it seems as though there’s a reboot afoot – and we couldn’t be more excited.

According to Brian Herbert, the biological son of the novel’s author, the upcoming retelling of Dune (directed by Denis Villeneuve) will instead be split into two separate films.

But Why?

In short, the story told in Dune is far too long and complex to be smashed into a digestible moviegoing experience (2-3 hours). And instead of jeopardizing the legitimacy of the original story, the filmmakers and producers have wisely decided to take their time and divvy it up into separate films.

Frankly, we completely agree with this decision. Hopefully, more studios in Hollywood will see this as the new standard. There’s no reason to rush through a good story. Take your time, and allow the fans of the prose to really get their money’s worth. It just makes sense.

A New Lead

Apart from the anticipation of the story coming back to theaters, people are absolutely psyched to hear about the potential cast involved. Timothée Chalamet is already attached to play the lead character, Paul Atreides.

In a tweet about the upcoming project, Brian Herbert wrote, “The word got out around Hollywood that we had the rights, [and] we were contacted by many major studios wanting to make a new movie. We decided to go with Legendary… a good decision.”

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