The Incredible Truth Behind Demi Moore’s Near Death Experience DirectExpose
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The Incredible Truth Behind Demi Moore’s Near Death Experience

Published on November 7, 2019

David Shankbone/Wikimedia

In 1990, Demi Moore landed her iconic role as Molly Jensen in Ghost. The film gave the New Mexico native the Best Actress nomination at the Golden Globe Awards. The actress almost became a ghost herself following a bad decision at home.

Joining The Wrong Crowd

In 2012, Moore had a publicized incident involving her drug overdose. In her new memoir Inside Out, Moore talks about the situation for the first time. It went down during a party she held with her daughter Rumer. During this time, Moore was heartbroken with her then-husband Ashton Kutcher being unfaithful to her. During the party, a group of people engaged in some noticeable activities. To ease her mind, Moore joined them. “I did what other people were doing: sucked in a hit of nitrous oxide, and when the joint reached me on the sunken couch in my living room, I took a puff of synthetic pot (it was called Diablo, fittingly),” she wrote in the memoir.

Unfortunately, her body couldn’t take what she was putting into it. Minutes later, the star had a seizure. “The next thing I remember, everything went blurry and I could see myself from above. I was floating out of my body into swirling colors, and it seemed like maybe this was my chance: I could leave the pain and shame of my life behind,” Moore wrote in her memoir.

Trapped In A Different Place

As expected, everyone at the party was concerned with the situation at hand. “Everyone else was witnessing my body flailing. My daughter [was] terrified that she was gonna see me die right in front of her. And within me, I was in a place that was thinking, ‘Wow, how did I get in here? Isn’t this interesting?,'” Moore said on Good Morning America.

In this place, Moore felt a need to come back for the sake of her family. “And then my very next thought was, ‘Oh, I wonder if I can get out,’ and all of a sudden, I was back in my body. I think it was a moment that I — was somehow being given a choice,” Moore also said on Good Morning America.

Deja Vu All Over Again

For Moore, this situation was too familiar. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Moore talks about having to revive her mom from a similar overdose. “The next thing I remember is using my fingers, the small fingers of a child, to dig the pills my mother had tried to swallow out of her mouth while my father held it open and told me what to do,” Moore told the publication. “Something very deep inside me shifted then, and it never shifted back. My childhood was over.”

Following the incident, Moore tried to work things out with her mom. “I had to stop and recognize that I had pushed my mother away. I understand why I did, for the protection of my family,” Moore told Good Morning America. “But in a way, out of that self-preservation, I just disconnected — I decided who she was. And when you decide who someone is, you take away the opportunity for them to be anything else.” Moore was present when her mother passed away from a brain tumor in July 1998.

Life Is Pain

With Inside Out, Moore hopes fans can see even the most famous people can face hardships. “It was really important to me to have natural childbirth because I didn’t want to miss a moment. And with that I experienced pain. So part of being sober is, I don’t want to miss a moment of life, of that texture, even if that means being in … some pain,” Moore told Harper’s Bazaar.

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