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Did You Know Tom Hanks Has A Famous Brother?

Published on April 3, 2019

Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. He made Forrest Gump, Big, and Cast Away the American classics that we know and love. However, few fans realize that the Hanks family has not one, but two talented actors in their family. Up next are five tidbits about Jim Hanks that will make you want to watch his films, too.

Tom And Jim Had Very Different Childhoods

Jim Hanks is the youngest of four to parents Amos and Janet. The Hanks divorced in 1961 when Jim was just a child. Janet took Jim to live with her, while Amos moved from place to place in California with the older three. Of his brother Tom, Jim told People Magazine, “It’s strange. He sounds and looks a lot like me, but our backgrounds are very different.”


Jim Hanks Didn’t Intend To Become An Actor

Jim Hanks married an aspiring actress in the mid 80’s just as his older brother was getting bigger roles in film and TV. His wife started working for a talent agency, where one of the agents encouraged him to start auditioning himself. However, his likeness to Tom made it difficult to separate himself from his brother. Eventually, another agent came up with a novel solution: “The casting director said you should go in and not tell them your real name.. I went in as Jim Mathews.” It worked well enough for him to be cast as Jeeter Buford in Buford’s Beach Bunnies.


Tom And Jim Help Each Other Out

As Tom Hanks became a megastar with films like Forrest Gump and Toy Story, his brother’s similarity in looks and voice became beneficial for both of them. Jim Hanks served as a double for Tom during some of the filming for Forrest Gump during the running scenes. Jim also stepped forward as a voice double for subsequent Toy Story video games and talking toys when Tom couldn’t voice the iconic Woody.

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Jim Hanks: More Than Meets The Eye

Jim Hanks has done great work as an actor, but he is much more involved in the film industry than most people realize. He has helped aspiring actors make demo reels and meet casting directors in his side project, Feet First Films. He has also worked as a camera operator, cinematographer, and producer/director of several short films.

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Will Jim And Tom Ever Play Brothers On The Big Screen?

Though Jim and Tom Hanks have done a great deal in the film industry individually, they have still never shared a screen. The two seem to have a positive working relationship, and would likely have great chemistry together. However, they have yet to star in the same movie. We hope one day both brothers can act together and enjoy their success as a family.


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