Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown DirectExpose
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Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown

Published on June 13, 2019

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

TLC’s Kody Brown rocked the world in 2010 in the premiere of the network’s reality show, Sister Wives. Viewers were immediately intrigued by Brown’s polygamist lifestyle and they wanted to know more. Now nine years later, fans still have their questions. Who exactly is Kody Brown? Is there more to him than meets the eye?

Married To Four Women

As a polygamist, Brown engages in multiple, consented relationships. A dad of 18, he’s the husband to four women: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown. The women know about the relationships, hence why they’re referred to as “Sister Wives.” But according to recent reports, Kody spends more time with his fourth wife, Robyn. “The idea that the Browns are a polygamist family is laughable at this point,” a source told Radar Online. “It’s just Kody and Robyn who are truly together at this point.” This doesn’t match what Kody claimed when Sister Wives first premiered. He explained he spends equal time with all of his wives. Perhaps the family dynamic has changed in nine years.

His Wife Was His Stepsibling

The Brown family tree became more complicated when Kody’s father, William Winn Brown, married Kody’s second wife’s [Janelle] mother, Sheryl. This means Kody and Janelle are quasi-stepsiblings. Before you jump to conclusions, Kody and Janelle didn’t grow up as stepsiblings. After the couple met and fell in love, Sheryl developed a relationship with William. They married three months before Janelle and Kody exchanged spiritual wedding vows. They couldn’t help it that their parents also fell in love.

Janelle’s Also His Former Sister-in-Law

Kody and Janelle have an interesting relationship you don’t read about every day. It turns out that Janelle was once married to Meri’s [Kody’s first wife] brother, Adam Clark Barber. This essentially makes her Kody’s former sister-in-law. Janelle, who was married to Barber from 1988 to 1990, eventually met Kody at a party. It was an instant connection that neither of them regrets. She was still married to Barber, but she knew Kody was “the one” for her.

Adding Another Wife?

When Kody spiritually married his fourth wife, Robyn, in May 2010, it seemed Kody was done finding sister wives. Robyn completed the family, but things changed in 2016 when Kody suggested adding Robyn’s step-niece, Mindy Jessop, to the family as his fifth wife. Wouldn’t that be awkward? Robyn would be a sister wife to her step-niece. At the same time, Kody would be step-uncle-in-law to his own wife.

The news rocked the family, especially Robyn. She threatened to leave the family due to the drama, saying she couldn’t believe he would betray her like this. As for what Mindy wanted, she was open to the idea. She said on the TLC show, “I’m open to living a plural marriage, but the family bond would have to be really strong, otherwise it would just not be worth it to me.”

Keep The Show Going

Kody doesn’t want Sister Wives to end anytime soon. When TLC executives considered canceling the show in 2017, Kody begged them to renew the series. His solution was to slash the family’s pay from $180,000 for each adult to $180,000 in total. His bargaining worked, but Kody also had to think of new storylines for the show to increase ratings.

Season 13 focused on the Brown family moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona. This was a big change to the show, and it was enough for fans to keep watching. But Kody might have to think of something else: adding another sister wife. He is dead-set on securing a fifth wife, according to Robyn’s former friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, who Kody asked if she would even be willing to be his wife.

“Kody’s main goal is to keep the series going and to make money,” said Pollard-Parra. So, there might be a new sister wife in the future. You’ll have to keep watching the TLC reality series to find out.

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