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The Hilarious Reason Channing Tatum Is Not Performing On Magic Mike Live

Published on December 23, 2019


When most of us think of Channing Tatum, the image that springs to mind is the exquisitely toned, golden physique and totally crush-worthy face, along with some killer dance moves. So it may come of something of a surprise to learn that the reason he will not be appearing on Magic Mike Live, is because of his self confessed ‘dad bod’!

Tatum, in an interview with Australia’s early morning news show Sunrise, candidly discusses his struggles with the strict diet and exercise program. He says, with delightful honesty, “what you see in Magic Mike [the film] is me holding it together for 2 weeks. As soon as they cut in the last scene, I’m like, “Where are the cheeseburgers?”

Don’t Pretend You Weren’t A Fan

Now, if you were born in the ’90s, Channing Tatum is probably a household name for you. You probably had posters of him plastering your adolescent bedroom wall and had him as the background of your phone at least once (no? Were you living in a cave?). But, times have moved on, and it is a fact that even the hottest stars will also get old! Hey, we hear you say, 39 is NOT old. True, but it’s not 25, and our bodies do change.

The movies Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL which preceded the show were released in 2012 and 2015 respectively. They followed Mike Lane (played by Tatum), a male stripper based in Tampa, Florida. The movies document his struggles of succeeding in the competitive industry while training Adam, a 19-year-old stripper (portrayed by fellow heartthrob, model and actor Alex Pettyfer). The live show is based on the two hit movies.

Fatherhood Has Taken Precedent

However, the strict diet and “full-time job of going to the gym” required to maintain such an ogle-able physique apparently took its toll on the actor, who’s now 39 years old. Understandably, the actor, who is also the father of 6-year-old Everly (from his previous marriage to Jemma Dewan, whom he met on the set of Step Up, 2006), has less time to dedicate to extreme work-outs.

Arguably, actually being a father is a valid excuse to let your fitness regime slide a little… As Tatum says, most of his exercise now consists of running around after Everly.

The actor’s obviously not doing too badly though (there’s ‘dad bod’… and then there’s ‘dad bod’) as he’s been dating the hugely successful British pop star Jessie J since splitting with his wife of 9 years back in 2018, and is still considered pretty famously attractive by the masses.

Still Stealing The Show

The Magic Mike Live show, which has been based in Vegas for a year and is extremely successful, boasts an enviable hoard of resplendently attractive dancers. Obviously, there is stiff competition and no time for slacking!

According to the publication Metro, the dreamboat made a “surprise appearance” on the UK’s Britains Got Talent, a show in which his dance troupe was performing. Judging from the reaction of the audience, in no uncertain terms, Tatum has absolutely “still got it”.

Evidently, Tatum is happy to stand aside to allow younger talent to dominate the show and happily admits that there are “more important things” than spending your life in the gym and refraining from cheeseburgers (which he so vocally adores!). What a guy. Magic Mike or not, Tatum has cemented himself in the Hollywood Walk of Fame as an absolute heartbreaker, and it will take more than a few extra pounds to change that.

The publication TwentyTwoWords has rightly described the decision as a “truly tragic” one. We agree.

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