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‘The Goonies’ Stars Believe A Sequel Will Be Made Sometime In The Future

Published on September 6, 2019

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The Goonies became one of the most beloved kids’ movies in the ’80s. Over 30 years since its release, fans wonder if they’ll ever see more adventures from this group of friends. Stars of the cult film believe a sequel can happen.

Everyone Wants It

At Fan Expo Canada, Goonies stars Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Jonathan Ke Quan held a Q&A session. When asked about a sequel, Astin said it’s up in the air. “Someday it’ll happen. The audience wants it, they’re gonna do it, it’s annoying it’s taking so long, I’m sorry on behalf of Steven Spielberg,” Astin told the crowd.

This summer, Feldman admitted to pitching a sequel. “Sean Astin and I actually wrote a pitch, a treatment of about 10 pages that we took into [director] Richard Donner and a representative of [screenwriter] Chris Columbus and Steven [Spielberg]. We pitched it and Donner loved it, but he said it was too expensive an idea.” Feldman told Us Weekly.

Hitting That Reboot Button?

Back in April, Astin said a sequel might not have everyone involved. “I think we’ve probably passed the threshold for which all of us original cast members are right for doing a sequel,” Astin told Collider. Something that’s been common in Hollywood are reboots. ’80s classics such as RoboCop and A Nightmare on Elm Street were rebooted over the years. Astin’s on board with a reboot filled with new stars. “The audience is so powerful and so devoted to it that I’m absolutely convinced that it will at the very least will be rebooted, which I would be fine with. If it’s not as good as the original Goonies, then okay, who cares, at least it’s out there,” Astin told Collider.

Totally On Brand

Astin and Feldman aren’t the only ones looking for another Goonies film. In 2014, Josh Brolin, who played Brand, said he’d love to reunite with the old crew. “You do a movie like that, and you don’t know how it’s gonna turn out. And then it turns into a cult film. And then you’re sick of hearing it after 20 years because you haven’t done a film that’s any good, that’s actually matched The Goonies. You’re walking down the street, and 20 years later, they’re going, ‘Goonies, dude!’ And you go, ‘Thanks!’ And they go, ‘Are you still acting?’” Brolin said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fortunately, Brolin has been keeping busy as Thanos in the MCU and his future work in Dune. In 2017, he dressed as his Goonies character for Halloween. “I didn’t know what to dress as (Henry Rollins? Boy George? A gremlin?) then my wife said, “I got you covered,” Brolin stated in an Instagram post.

The Goonies In Other Forms

Over the years, The Goonies has been trying to make a comeback in various ways. In 2007, Ke Quan talked about an animated series based on the film. “We were approached a few months ago by Warner about doing it and asked if we would be interested. They even showed us character designs. It looks very cool,”.he told Empire Online. Cartoon Network had plans to air it, but they threw the cartoon on the shelf.

That same year, a Broadway musical of The Goonies was in the works. ”Steven and I have discussed it, and it’s something that I’m fairly passionate about right now,” Donner told Entertainment Weekly. In 2011, Donner said a script was being put together for the project. Four years later, things shifted as it was turned into off-Broadway production. “We’re going to do an off-Broadway, do you know what immersion theater is? Where there are no seats, the venue is you go into a warehouse and there’s something happening in that warehouse and that’s the play you’ve come to see, only you become part of it and you travel through with actors,” Donner told Yahoo. Unfortunately, the musical was never released.

Goonies For Everyone

Fans can still feel The Goonies love at every turn. Every anniversary, the city of Astoria holds special Goonies celebrations. The Goonies were also featured in the recent Lego Dimensions game. As long as people are still discovering its magic, Goonies will never say die.

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