Taylor Swift Kicks Off Pride Month With A Moving Speech DirectExpose
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Taylor Swift Kicks Off Pride Month With A Moving Speech

Published on June 4, 2019

Recently, pop star Taylor Swift rocked the house at the Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles. While her performance was fantastic, everyone’s talking about her amazing speech about Pride Month. As expected, her Swifties weren’t able to contain their emotions online.

Love Is Love

During her set, Swift discussed the importance of love in today’s world. “You know, a lot of my songs are about love, and I just feel like, you know, who you love, how you love— you should be able to live your life the way you want to live your life, and you should have the same exact rights as anybody else.”

Before her performance, Swift posted a letter she wrote to Senator Lamar Alexander about the Equality Act.  “I’ve decided to kick off Pride Month by writing a letter to one of my senators to explain how strongly I feel that the Equality Act should be passed. I urge you to write to your senators, too,” she posted on Instagram. Swift would acknowledge this letter during her speech. “I started this petition, and you can find the link on my Instagram. It’s for the Equality Act, which basically just says that we want to send a message to our government that we believe that everybody should be treated fairly in this country. So if you sign it, it would really mean a lot to me, because I think we need to stick up for each other. We need to stand together,” she said.

The Fans Have Spoken

Fans on Twitter were overwhelmed with Swift’s emotional speech. “I am so proud to be a part of this community and to be a fan of this wonderful, emphatic, thoughtful, big-hearted woman, who is not afraid to speak up and to stood up for herself and others,” Twitter user vil370 said. Even those that aren’t feeling Swift’s music admired her actions. “I love this. Not a huge fan of Swift but I’m thrilled to see an influencer actually make an EFFORT for LGBTQ rights, not just saying “haha go pride month! How’s my rating now?,” Twitter user Firewar_Warfire said.

Always Been A Supporter

Fans have pointed to a speech Swift made during a Chicago stop exactly one year ago. Before going into her song “Delicate,” Swift showed her support for her LGBT fans in the crowd. “It’s very brave to be vulnerable about your feelings in any sense, in any situation. But it’s even more brave to be honest about your feelings and who you love and that you know that that might be met with adversity from society. So this month and every month I want to send out my love and respect to everybody who has been brave enough to be honest about the way they feel, to live their lives as they are, as they feel they should be, as they identify, and this is a month where I think we need to celebrate how far we’ve come but we also need to acknowledge how far we still have left to go,” she said.

Over the years, Swift has shown support for LGBT equality. In her 2014 single “Welcome to New York,” Swift sings the line “And you can want who you want/Boys and boys and girls and girls.” Back in April, Swift donated $113,000 to help fight Tennessee’s anti-LGBT bills. In a letter to Tennessee Equality Project executive director Chris Sanders, Swift praised his work. “I’m so inspired by the work you do, specifically in organizing the recent petition of Tennessee faith leaders against the ‘slate of hate’ in our state legislature. I’m so grateful that they’re giving all people a place to worship,” she wrote. While things may be rough, the LGBT community can be sure that Swift will continue fighting for them.

My girl @taylorswift13 speaking out and celebrating the start of Pride at #WangoTango.

Excuse me while I go cry. 🏳️‍🌈 pic.twitter.com/cIHwxbJmNg

— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) June 2, 2019

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