Tara Reid Dismisses Her $100 Million Lawsuit Against ‘Sharknado’ DirectExpose
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Tara Reid Dismisses Her $100 Million Lawsuit Against ‘Sharknado’

Published on May 16, 2019

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Can you imagine if someone used your photo to make millions without your permission? Unfortunately, that’s the reality that actress Tara Reid faced when she discovered that the Sharknado producers made money off of her likeness without her consent. They broke their contract with the star, and she slapped them with a humongous lawsuit but dropped it four months later. Read on to find out why Tara Reid dismissed her $100 million lawsuit against Sharknado.

Shark Attack

Everyone knows that Tara Reid is the face of the Sharknado franchise. She starred in all six of the sci-fi film series. After the first movie was released on July 11, 2013, it quickly garnered a cult following. Soon afterward, director Anthony C. Ferrante released five more films that detailed a sci-fi world where sharks can fall out of the sky and crash into the city of Los Angeles. The following five films – Sharknado 2: The Second One, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time – embraced the comical element that its predecessor initially lacked.

Tara Reid gained some pretty hefty checks for headling this quirky series. In fact, she was paid $125,00 for her role in Sharknado 5 and $175,000 for her part in The Last Sharknado. The only thing that she did not permit the studio The Asylum to do was to sell her image to “manufacturers of slot machines, gambling products, and beer makers, who in turn have marketed their product with her likeness, and continue to wrongfully trade and profit therefrom.”

A Swim With The Sharks

Tara Reid did her part to make the Sharknado series as legendary as its become. So why did her producers and her film studio violate their side of the contract? Reid was surprised to find out that Asylum had inked an agreement with British beer-maker Northern Monk Brewing Co. to create Sharknado beer. Not only that, but Asylum also penned a deal with Aristocrat Technologies to paste her face onto slot and video gambling machines.

When she discovered that her producer and her film studio were illegally profiting from her image, she hit them with a $100 million lawsuit for breach of contract in December 2018. Defendants included Asylum Entertainment, SYFY Media Productions, and Aristocrat Technologies. She sought a large amount of money for punitive damages, which her lawsuit claimed was “an amount sufficiently large to set a public example of deterrence.”

Her court documents also stated that Reid “alleges that defendants and each of them without her knowledge and prior written consent misappropriated her likeness for the commercial purpose of endorsing by implication gambling products and alcoholic beverages.” Even though Sharknado didn’t own her likeness, the documents declared that they made “millions of dollars in profits… from the marketing, sale, lease, and distribution of Sharknado slot machines bearing the likeness of Plaintiff Tara Reid.”

Season Of The Shark

Tara Reid shocked the world when she suddenly decided to dismiss her $100 million against Sharknado on April 18, 2019. Court documents read that the starlet’s “action is dismissed by the Plaintiff in its entirety.” She did not state a reason why she decided to drop her suit against her former colleagues. Her representatives also had no comment about the lawsuit’s closure.

No one but Reid truly knows why the suit was dismissed, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating. Media outlets have reported that the actress is busy cashing in her check from her new thriller movie Chronicle Of A Serial Killer. Featuring big co-stars such as actor Josh Brolin and rapper DMX, the American Pie superstar is sure to make another splash on the big screen soon.

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