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5 Supernatural Documentaries That Leave You With More Questions Than Answers

Published on April 25, 2018

Credit: Lost Witness Pictures

Have you ever sat there and wondered about things such as ghosts and UFOs? Thanks to television shows such as Supernatural and The X-Files, this has become a growing trend. We take a look are some amazing documentaries that give us a glimpse into the supernatural side of things.

My Amityville Horror

Anyone that follows anything supernatural knows about the Amityville house. In My Amityville Horror, Daniel Lutz, who was a kid at the time, talks about what really went down in that house. This documentary is special because it’s the first time he’s openly talked about the spooky incident.

Hotel Camarillo

Camarillo State Mental Hospital was the subject of many songs back in the day. It was also searched by various ghost hunters due to rumored hauntings. The documentary Hotel Camarillo follows a 10-year journey to discovering the truth. Along with old footage, this film includes new interviews with those that surveyed the hospital.

A Haunting In Connecticut

In 2002, The Discovery Channel unveiled a look at one of the oddest cases in Connecticut. A Haunting In Connecticut deals with one family’s unforgettable experience living in a haunted house. Hollywood may have struck gold with its film adaptation The Haunting in Connecticut, but many consider this documentary to be more faithful to the true story.

The Nightmare

When director Rodney Ascher went through a case of sleep paralysis, he decided to dig a bit deeper. The Nightmare showcases eight people suffering from this condition. With the help of some actors, their hallucinations are given life. The film got an iHorror Award nomination for Best Indie Horror Film.

The Otherworld

Richard Stanley is one of the most intriguing directors of our time. With The Otherworld, he seeks to find the haunting truth about his own home. Living in the French Pyrenees, he swears that portals to other dimensions are present. With several interviews and accompanying footage, you may believe him.

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