Will ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Have It’s Own Chernobyl Disaster? One Fan Thinks So DirectExpose
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Will ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Have It’s Own Chernobyl Disaster? One Fan Thinks So

Published on July 13, 2019

Everyone who watches Stranger Things or has seen clips of the show knows how deeply rooted 80s culture and history is to the show. The stylistic choices made by the creators offer an immersive experience into the decade and the horrifying forces that surround Hawkins, Indiana. While the showrunners have done a great job staying true to the time period, one Redditor and avid fan suggests that they may tie in another real-world event into the upcoming seasons. The Chernobyl incident, which HBO recently released a documentary mini-series about this May, may be tied into next season’s plot of the wildly popular Netflix series.

Chernobyl And Stranger Things Timelines Line Up

The third season of Stranger Things takes place in 1985, approximately one year before the Chernobyl incident. The Chernobyl nuclear core melted down the morning of April 26, 1986. It affected the nearby city of Pripyat, Ukraine as well as populations up to 1,000 square miles from the site. While the show has made no hints at including the Chernobyl incident into its next season, the speculation raises some questions. After HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries reached great success, many fans believe that it would make sense for Netflix to include it in the series. Others believe that bringing the real-world disaster into a science fiction fantasy series would be disrespectful to the victims and that Netflix should not include it in their plotline. The original theory was posted by Singular94 on Reddit, and did not go much into the theory other than the season’s timeline should line up with the Chernobyl incident in season 4. However, other fans expanded on the idea to make it a plausible plot point.

Chernobyl Was A Gateway To The Upside Down

After the original post by Singular94, other fans chimed in to expand on the theory. One Redditor wrote, “Chernobyl could actually have a secret Russian lab just like Hawkins’ one, someone with powers connects to the upside down just like Eleven, and the opened gate would make the Nuclear Plant explode. Or maybe they would try to open a gate intentionally to the upside down, but it doesn’t go as expected…” Another fan guessed that the plant was built to power an opening to the gateway, but that something went wrong and it melted down. Either way, these theories bring a creative spin to the series, both of which could fit well into the storyline for season four.

Will Chernobyl Be In Season Four?

Some fans believe these theories are a stretch of the imagination. After all, the Stranger Things plot has nothing to do with Soviet Russia and hasn’t built up to this plot point in any way. However, with the popularity of HBO’s miniseries, it would make sense for Netflix to incorporate the historical aspects of Chernobyl into the series. The Chernobyl series has surpassed shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire, and even Planet Earth to become #1 on IMDb’s the 250 Top-Rated TV Shows. With its impressive ratings and cult following, there is no reason for Netflix to not add to the hype with its own spin on the history of Chernobyl. It is possible that the Chernobyl incident will be mentioned in passing, and not incorporated into the main plot. However, with these intriguing fan theories, it would not be surprising if they incorporated the disaster in more ways than one. The tagline for season three, “One summer can change everything,” may be true for season four when the characters must face the realities of life after Chernobyl. However, we won’t know until next year when the new season is released.

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