What Ever Happened to Star Jones? Here’s Why She’s Not on TV Anymore DirectExpose
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What Ever Happened to Star Jones? Here’s Why She’s Not on TV Anymore

Published on August 22, 2018

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Star Jones has had one of the most interesting careers in Hollywood. Beginning as a legal commentator and correspondent, she rose to stardom as a beloved member of The View, as well as a praised author, journalist, and women’s advocate. However, it’s rare to see Jones on TV or in the news anymore. Her personal and professional lives have taken many turns throughout the last 15 years.

A Hopeful Marriage Turned Scandal of the Decade

In 2004, Star Jones married investment banker Al Reynolds. Their ritzy wedding alone attracted some negative press, and rumors of her free gifts and corporate sponsorships for the big day attracted enough media attention to have her dismissed from The View in 2006.

They divorced in 2008. The rumored reason was that he lived off her income and did not contribute to their marriage. Though the divorce sent Star to a dark place for a while, she has found a life partner who she seems very happy with now.

Post-Divorce Depression Spurred Her Weight Gain

Soon after her divorce with Reynolds, Star was put in the spotlight for her weight gain. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, she admitted she weighed over 300 pounds, having gained another 75 when she turned 40. She told all, “I know I was very depressed. I was lonely and I didn’t know how to say, ‘I’m lonely.'”

She said she started therapy and realized that depression was a primary cause for her weight gain. She also told Oprah she had a gastric bypass and plastic surgery to jumpstart her change.

Star’s Diverse Career

Unlike most celebrities, Star Jones is highly accomplished in more than one professional field. Not only did she pursue a legal career early on, but she now has a position at a women’s, children’s, and minority advocacy company, which consumed most of her time.

In 2014, Star was appointed the president of the Diversity Professional Network, Inc. She is the youngest African-American woman leading a public company in America. Despite not spending as much time on screen as she used to, it’s clear that Star has a lot going for her right now.

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