Spider-Man’s Future In The MCU Is Brimming With Potential DirectExpose
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Spider-Man’s Future In The MCU Is Brimming With Potential

Published on August 23, 2019

The end of Spider-man: Far From Home showed the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Tom Holland) not only getting framed for a terrorist attack but also getting his secret identity revealed. This points to Spider-Man becoming the focal point of Marvel’s future films. The question is which direction will they take the web-head?

One of Marvel’s mightiest Avengers, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), bit the bullet in Avengers: Endgame. The death of Iron Man left a huge void to fill and Spider-Man seems to be the prime replacement. 

Spider-Man Is Swinging Into Action

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was all held together through Iron Man. Not only was this film the first MCU film, but he also appeared in multiple other franchises. Iron Man’s character helped lead the MCU’s large scope narrative towards the first Avengers film and continued to do so until his conclusion in End Game.

With Mr. Stark out of the picture, Spider-Man is sure to fill the role as the story catalyst. Spider-Man’s latest film, Far From Home, served as an introduction to the next phase of Marvel films. Just like Iron Man introduced his era of movies, one can assume Spider-Man is doing the same with his. The end of Far From Home also sets up future conflicts with Spider-Man. All signals show that Marvel is committed to telling their next epic with their friendly neighborhood superhero replacing The Invincible Iron Man.

Avengers: End Game saw the end of a truly great villain Thanos. Before Thanos Marvel fans also enjoyed seeing the mischievous antics of Loki who served as a stellar antagonist for several films. Now with the MCU taking applications for their next tyrannical psychopath villain, Spider-Man’s rogue gallery seems like an obvious route. 

Mysterio Is Here To Stay

The Spider-Man comics provide tons of villains that are both iconic and unique. With that being said, the audience may have already been introduced to the next captivating recurring villain. Far From Home saw one of the more interesting antagonists in Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Mysterio is a master of trickery and illusion. Mysterio is also an eccentric loose cannon that is more of a psychopath than anything else. Between his intriguing powers and immensely entertaining personality, Mysterio fits the job description of the next MCU villain to a T.

Mysterio is also the one who frames the webhead as a terrorist and reveals his identity. Though it is unknown if Mysterio will play a role in any future Marvel films, that certainly wouldn’t be a stretch with him being the direct cause of the foreseeable conflict in the MCU. 

While the MCU has introduced plenty of Spider-Man characters, like Mysterio, avid comic book fans have no doubt noticed the absence of key Spider-verse staples. Far From Home introduced a fan favorite Spider-Man character, J. Jonah Jamison (J.K. Simmons). This opens a door to endless possibilities.

Familiar Faces

With Jamison entering the MCU one can infer that other spider friends and foes could be coming soon. Characters such as Gwen Stacey, The Osborn family, and Miles Morales could serve as perfect story stimulants for future films. Both Miles Morales and Gwen Stacey have been teased in previous MCU films. Though Morales himself has never been seen his uncle, Aaron Davis (Donald Glover), had a small cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As for Gwen, her appearance is unclear. In Endgame, we see a blonde student walking through the halls with a spider-webbed skirt and a pink backpack that seems to match Gwen’s physical description.

As for the Osborns, there is no correlation to the films, but Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin villain is too iconic to not show up in the MCU. With the MCU seemingly committing to Spider-Man as their focal point, it’d be shocking if none of his counterparts made the journey with him. 

In this new era for the MCU, there are endless story options. Spider-Man looks to take the helm of the main protagonist for the foreseeable future. Mysterio was one of the more unique villains in recent history so a return would make all kinds of sense. There are also loads of unused Spider-verse characters that Marvel would be crazy not to introduce. Regardless of what direction the MCU travels, Spider-Man fans should be more than satisfied.

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