Seth Meyers Added An Interesting Feature To His Netflix Special – A “Skip Politics” Button DirectExpose
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Seth Meyers Added An Interesting Feature To His Netflix Special – A “Skip Politics” Button

Published on November 12, 2019

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Comedian Seth Meyers, host of NBC’s Late Night, has a well-documented history of taking shots at our current President. At the Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011, Meyers and then-President Obama made several jokes about Trump, to the point where their interplay could almost be called a roast. Trump was less than amused. Now that Trump is President, he’s a frequent topic of conversation on Late Night. Meyers is well-known for his witty commentary and biting criticism of the current state of politics, which often includes some hilariously savage digs at Trump.

But in his newest stand-up special for Netflix, Lobby Baby, Meyers decided to downplay the focus on politics. In fact, he made a special request of Netflix: to add a button that allowed the viewers to “Skip Politics.”

Why The “Skip Politics” Button?

The “Skip Politics” button in Meyers’ stand-up special works just like the “Skip Intro” button that appears during the intro sequence of most TV shows on Netflix. The button appears about 45 minutes into the program. When viewers select the “Skip Politics” button, the program skips ahead about seven minutes. This allows the viewer to opt-out of watching the only jokes about politics in the entire special.

Why did Meyers choose to add this option to his stand-up special? He has a few reasons.

The first reason Meyers gave for including the button was that he wanted to be respectful of the fact that some people are burnt out on politics right now. There’s so much happening in the country, and sometimes people just want to check out with a comedy special. So, they can enjoy his show without having to think about politics for a few minutes.

Meyers also admitted that adding the button was like adding another joke to the stand-up special. The mere existence of the button is a joke in itself— we’d all like a “skip politics” button in our lives right about now.

And Meyers explained that adding the button was a bit of an acknowledgment that this stand-up special isn’t really about politics. Because he’s so known for his political humor on Late Night, he wanted to make it clear that this stand-up special isn’t about politics. And it is clear given that only seven minutes of the hour-long special is politics-focused.

Lobby Baby shows a different side of Meyers, one that viewers of Late Night rarely get to see.

A Different Side Of Meyers

What is Meyers cracking jokes about when he’s not joking about politics? His personal life mostly. Lobby Baby is a much more personal program than Meyers has done in the past. It almost feels like a hilarious storytelling session than a comedy set.

Meyers shares funny, relatable stories about his marriage— like how difficult it is to plan a wedding, and how his wife got violently ill the day before their wedding. He lets the audience in on the birth stories of both of his children— the first who was nearly born in the backseat of an Uber and the second who was born in the lobby of their apartment building. Hence, the name of the special: Lobby Baby.

And Meyers acknowledges the fact that this special is out of character for him. He compares the audience seeing him standing up instead of behind a desk, talking about his family rather than politics to “kids seeing a mall Santa getting into a Ford Festiva.”

While it is a bit strange to see this satirical genius talking about getting married in Paris and having dramatic baby deliveries, Meyers manages to deliver a stellar performance. This heartwarming, relatable special is definitely worth a watch— whether or not you actually click the “Skip Politics” button.

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