Robert Pattinson Will Officially Star As ‘The Batman’ DirectExpose
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Robert Pattinson Will Officially Star As ‘The Batman’

Published on June 19, 2019


Can you imagine Robert Pattinson playing the role of Batman? Well, your dream is just about to come true, as Warner Bros. has just confirmed that the Twilight star will be playing Batman in the latest franchise installment. Learn more about why Robert Pattinson was chosen as the star of The Batman.

Batman Begins

Twilight fans rejoice! Robert Pattinson is about to melt hearts and conquer villains in the latest Batman trilogy directed by Matt Reeves. Apparently, it was a tough call for Warner Bros. to decide on casting Pattinson as the titular role. The film studio was reportedly torn between choosing Pattinson or Nicholas Hoult as the star of the franchise. However, Pattinson was evidently selected as the man for the job after blowing the studio away with his audition.

Produced by Dylan Clark, The Batman will follow the early stages of Batman’s journey. That’s supposedly why the studio wanted a thespian in his early 30s to match Bruce Wayne’s character development. While contracts are still in negotiation, the studio seemingly wants to produce two sequels following the release of its first film. The new Batman trilogy is supposed to be a stark departure from the studio’s previous movies Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.

Behind The Mask

According to ET, The Batman was originally intended to be directed by Ben Affleck. Although he was set to star and manage the film, Affleck reportedly stepped down from the DC Comics movie in early 2017. That’s apparently when Reeves officially became the new director of the film. When asked about how his 7-year-old son felt about him stepping away from the franchise, Affleck told ET that “He took the news OK. He kind of understands that there’s time for everything.”

Affleck continued to tell ET that, “[Samuel] is not quite old enough to understand that I was gonna direct [a Batman movie], but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I didn’t love it enough. I just kinda stuck with like, you know, ‘It was my turn and now it’s somebody else’s turn.’ Because he understands turn taking.” Sounds like Samuel took the news very well!

Return To Gotham

With Affleck bowing down from the role of BatmanPattinson has some pretty high expectations to exceed. But that shouldn’t be an issue for Robert, as he’s previously headed the massively successful Twilight Saga earlier in his career. At age 33, Pattinson will also become the second-youngest performer to take on the part of Batman, following 31-year-old Christian Bale’s lead in Batman Begins.

While no official start date has been set to begin filming The Batman, Variety has reported that the movie will most likely start pre-production in the summer of 2019. Allegedly, the script is still being finished up by Reeves. Variety also dished that Warner Bros. is giving the franchise additional time to develop a killer storyline after the relatively disappointing releases of Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League. The Batman is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021.

Meanwhile, Pattinson has kept his plate full with an astonishing total of four films being released this year. His newest upcoming films include Claire DenisHigh Life, Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse, Netflix’s The King, and Ciro Guerra’s Waiting for the Barbarians. The Good Time actor is also gearing up to star in a Warner Bros. soon-to-be-titled Christoper Nolan “event film” scheduled to be released on July 17, 2020. With such a busy schedule, it’s a miracle that Pattinson can even squeeze in the role of The Batman. But if anyone can do it, it’s our beloved Edward Cullen!

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