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Rob Kardashian Launches Streetwear Brand Halfway Dead

Published on August 5, 2019

Rob Kardashian may have shied away from the cameras that follow the rest of his family but that doesn’t mean he’s not working behind the scenes. The former reality star and entrepreneur is diving deeper into the fashion world, creating a new online clothing line that’s already doing quite well.

Halfway Dead

Kardashian recently launched the online unisex streetwear brand, Halfway Dead, which is a collaboration with Diamond Supply Co. founder Nick Tershay. The name of the brand held special meaning for the two entrepreneurs. “What we wrote down is ‘Halfway Dead’ is the balance of all things: happy and sad, winning and losing, life and death.’ It’s your middle ground feeling, right? You’re not alive or dead,” Tershay said in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. Halfway Dead offers both short and long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants, several of which have tie-dye or horror-inspired graphics. The brand also sells tote bags and candles. “It’s definitely a skateboard brand but I would say more streetwear than Diamond is because Diamond’s pretty core skate,” Tershay said. “Halfway Dead is a little more expensive because we’re doing some higher end cut-and-sew pieces.” Pricing for the merchandise ranged from $25-$200. Kardashian and Tershay had been secretly working on the line for three years before launching and garnered heavy support from fans. In fact, multiple items sold out just a few hours after the online store went live. Kardashian’s family, including sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West, were also seen promoting the brand.



@kyliejenner wearing @halfwaydead t-shirt last night… available now at #HALFWAYDEAD

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A Controversial Moment

Though Halfway Dead has been quite successful so far, the brand still has had a bit of drama already. Kardashian and his team recently removed some designs from Halfway Dead’s website after the brand was accused of copying a skull graphic from another brand, Rx Skulls. The skull was primarily featured on an orange hoodie and pins which are no longer available on the site. Halfway Dead released a statement about the origins of its skull design on its Instagram Story. “We traced this skull above. We showed this to the artist who accused us of stealing his art and after seeing where we got it from he deleted his post about it,” the post read. “We both moved on and out of respect of the art being similar to his we are not releasing this graphic. We at HWD are artists who have been in the industry for over a decade and wouldn’t purposely copy anyone else’s original art.”

Onward And Upward

Though the brand had that moment of controversy, it’s continuing to do well. Most of the pieces are now sold out online. While the Halfway Dead team plans to hosts pop-up events and shops as well as more small-batch drops online, they have no plans to sell merchandise to retailers. “Most of the items are really limited so we’re not going to make enough for retail partners to order,” Tershay said. “It’s really something we wanted to do, limited edition with not very many pieces made. We’re going to be designing and making so much stuff that I feel like we can release it faster this way.” In addition to its merchandise, Tershay is really optimistic about the brand and its future in the fashion industry. “Everyone’s excited and it’s fun,” he said. “It’s really just a fun passion project of us coming together. With direct-to-consumer, I feel like even if we’re not selling as much product as, say, Diamond, being direct-to-consumer the profit margin is way higher. But we’re not really trying to make it the biggest brand in the world. Everything’s really limited.”

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