Renowned Tennis Player Rafael Nadal Said To Marry Maria Xisca Parello DirectExpose
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Renowned Tennis Player Rafael Nadal Said To Marry Maria Xisca Parello

Published on August 15, 2019


Rafael Nadal is known to most as a legendary tennis player. Born in Spain in 1986, Nadal is currently ranked second in the world. This amazing athlete has been with his girlfriend, Maria Xisca Perello, for quite some time now. And now, Nadal and Perello have officially confirmed rumors that they’re soon to be wed! However, there has been some mystery surrounding the exact dates of the wedding for this intensely private couple.

The Relationship

Nadal has been together with his girlfriend for the incredible length of fourteen years now. Despite their long-lasting relationship, some may be surprised to know that Perello generally avoids going to her boyfriend’s tennis matches. While this may make it kind of seem like she doesn’t really have any interest in Nadal’s career, this doesn’t appear to be the real reason why she doesn’t go. Based off what she’s said, it would seem that she actually avoids going in order to maintain a healthy relationship with Nadal. In a 2011 interview with The Telegraph, she had this to say about it: “He needs his space when he is competing, and just the idea of me hanging around and waiting on his needs all day tires me out. It would asphyxiate me. And then he would have to be worrying about me… No. If I followed him everywhere, I think there’s a risk we might stop getting along.” So, judging from this quote it wouldn’t seem that there’s any kind of lack of support or caring coming from Perello. Those interested in this pair have been curious as to whether the pair will ever have kids.

Nadal has indicated that he would, in fact, love to have kids but that this is, of course, a decision that must be made by the two of them. Concerning children, Nadal told La Nacion, “I understand that I will form a family. I will have children, I do not know how much. I love children, but you do not decide unilaterally, that’s a two-person thing. I would like to have several children, but I can not tell you if two, or three, or four.”

When Is The Wedding?

As of right now, fans still don’t have any clue when the couple is going to be married. The celebrity couple has done a spectacular job of staying out of the public eye with details of their marriage. As such, other than false rumors and speculation, there’s not really anything to go off of in making an accurate prediction of the wedding date.

Rafael’s Privacy

The biggest reason why fans and the media don’t know much about Nadal and Perello’s wedding yet is that it seems the two of them really value their privacy and don’t enjoy the public spotlight being cast on them. In fact, Nadal was very upset about how this news of the wedding has been being discussed among the media. This can be seen when he was interviewed by Maca and he said this about the matter: “I’m not saying anything, it’s already annoyed me that the wedding has come out in the press – you want me to ask about the wedding, right? I understand you have you work to do, but I’m not saying anything.”

He is clearly not happy with the amount of press attention he and his girlfriend have been getting. With that in mind, fans might be upset to hear that it is probably for the best to respect his wishes for privacy and let him announce his marriage when he wishes to instead of trying to solve the grand mystery of when he is set to be married.

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