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What ‘Queer Eye’ Looks Like Behind The Scenes

Published on August 4, 2019

Netflix’s Queer Eye just wrapped up its fourth season. Watching the guys on screen, it’s easy to see that the cast has a natural chemistry and certainly a lot of fun. So, we imagine off-screen is just as great. Let’s take look behind the scenes of Queer Eye.

The Auditioning Process

Again, the cast chemistry is undeniable. But that didn’t happen by chance. In fact, the producers interviewed more than 300 men before narrowing it down to 60. Each of those 60 men had to take a chemistry test to determine who would work the best together. Clearly, these ones stuck out. After Karamo and Bobby Berk, Tan France (who originally didn’t plan to audition) and Jonathan Van Ness were cast, then finally Antoni Porowski.

Choosing Cities And Contestants

The show has a team of staff members who decide which city they will go to, with the purpose being to highlight a certain area of the community and represent the people who live there. Queer Eye showrunner Jennifer Lane explained to CNN that they are away most of the year to film the show, which while tough is also “beautiful” because they are “watching humanity be kind.”
As far as choosing the people, Lane said they do a deep dive and scout for potential candidates. Asking specific questions about being ready for change and a willingness to be vulnerable is an important part of the vetting process.

Tears Galore

There are two types of people in this world: those who admit to crying at some point while watching Queer Eye and those who are lying. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of the show’s guests come with touching stories that pull at your heartstrings. And it’s not just for the viewers, either. Casting director Danielle Gervais has previously admitted that it’s common for the cast and crew to be shedding tears while working.

Fab Five Roles

Each of the five main cast members plays an essential role in the makeover process. Here are some interesting behind the scenes details about each one.
Fashion expert, Tan France, said that the audience often thinks they are paid to take the heroes shopping at particular stores, but this isn’t true. He chooses the places based on the individual’s lifestyle and specifically tries to find stores that are in close proximity to their home.
Antoni, the food and wine expert, went to school for psychology, not culinary studies. However, interestingly enough, he worked as the personal assistant to the original Queer Eye food expert, Ted Allen.

Bobby Berk, the interior design expert, will work all seven days of the week, four to plan the makeover and three to complete it. Berk was also responsible for the modern, sleek designs fo the lofts the cast stay in on the show.

Culture expert Karamo is a licensed psychotherapist and social worker. He still stays in touch with them and gives them “mini therapy sessions” because he said, “it would be irresponsible of me to open up their emotional issues and then leave them.”

Jonathan, a licensed cosmetologist, is known for his bubbly personality. But he said that although he is extroverted on the show, off-camera he likes taking time to himself to recharge.

Relationships IRL

For a cast that seems to have genuine deep friendships with one another, we can only imagine that filming is a great time for everyone. So much so, that Netflix had to hire an “on-set wrangler” to keep the high energy of the Fab Five in check between takes and to help ensure the filming process went smoothly. According to France, the five spend the majority of the week together and are best friends.

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