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Photos Of Casual ‘Judge Judy’ Are Breaking The Internet

Published on July 29, 2018

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Daytime television is a beloved staple of American life. Talk shows and game shows rule the day, and among them stands the popular program called Judge Judy. This real-life courtroom handles civil disputes and arguments of varying degrees, and its rulings have actual consequences. While the conflicts are sure to be interesting, it’s Judge Judy herself that always has fans coming back for more.

She Knows How To Loosen Up

Judy Sheindlin (aka Judge Judy) is a retired judge from Manhattan who started her television career way back in 1996. Prior to each case handled on her program, all persons involved must sign a legal document agreeing that they will abide by her ruling.

Known for her famously strict and buttoned-up demeanor, it was a surprise to see pictures of her out-and-about in something other than a judge’s robe. Needless to say, these photos of Judy sporting her casual clothes quickly went viral.

Casually Crushing It!

The only thing this Judge is guilty of is being comfortable. This 3-time Emmy Award winner knows how to let her hair down once the director yells, “Cut!” Seriously. There’s nothing this brilliant woman can’t do.

The occasion truly doesn’t matter. Once the cameras stop rolling, Judy drops the harsh legal look for a more practical style. And the Internet can’t stop talking about it.

Living Her Best Life

Winter, Summer, Spring, or Fall — you’ll always catch Judge Judy turning heads with her relaxed fashion sense. She’s more than a judge, she’s a style icon! Mrs. Sheindlin is proof that a person’s profession doesn’t define them. While most judges are harsh and unforgiving, Judy is proving to be the exact opposite, at least in real life. Which is probably what makes her so popular!

Judge Judy began its 22nd season back in September. And it looks like her current contract has her settling cases for (at least) another few years.

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