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The Night King’s Sinister Message Means More Than We Thought

Published on April 26, 2019

Credit: HBO via IMDB

Game of Thrones season eight kicked off with some pretty astounding plot advancements, from Jon Snow finding out the truth of his parentage to Cersei finally giving into the slimy Euron Greyjoy. However, the most notable scene was arguably the final jump scare, where the Night King left a bloody message nailed to the wall. However, this act was much more sinister than most fans realized.

The Spiral At The Last Hearth

When the men discover the remnants of the Night King at the Last Hearth, they were terribly sickened. Nailing bloody limbs and a child to the wall was horrifying, but who The Night King chose made fan’s skins crawl. The Night King murdered young Ned, Lord of House Umber, who had just left from the meeting at Winterfell. Some may think that this was a coincidence, but The Night King definitely wanted to say something with his demonic mural.

The Spiral Symbolism

Game of Thrones has used the spiral as a haunting White Walker motif since day one. In the very first episode, the “deserter” that Ned beheads had stumbled upon an arrangement of body parts from his friends in a similar design. Mance Rayder also finds a spiral arrangement of bodies after the White Walker attacks at the Fist of the First Men. The origin of this symbol comes from the creation of the first White Walker, which we see through one of Bran’s visions. The same pattern appears as the Children of the Forest put a dagger through the first White Walker’s heart.

The Night King Heads To Winterfell

With the Night King passing The Last Hearth, it’s likely that he will arrive at Winterfell very soon. This spells disaster since every major character, save Cersei, is in Winterfell. Plus, this message by the Night King proves that he knows what he’s doing. He knew who the Lord of Umber was, so it’s very likely that he knows who Jon, Dany, Sansa, and everyone else is and who to kill first. The Night King is no senseless murderer – he’s a demon on a mission and a plan to see it through.

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