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5 Reasons We Believe That The Night King Is A Stark Ancestor

Published on April 15, 2019

Credit: HBO/IMDB

While the Highborns of Westeros have been preoccupied fighting for the Iron Throne, a real threat now marches on the wall, prepared to wipe everyone out. However, this ultimate demise may hit closer to home than anyone thought before. Based on tidbits from both the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the TV show, there is evidence that the Night King is actually a Highborn himself, from House Stark.

George R.R. Martin Had A Night’s King In The Book

While we know the Night King is the leader of the White Walkers, the book series also had a Night’s King. This king married a woman with “skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars.” They made many sacrifices to the “Others,” until Brandon the Breaker of House Stark killed them both. It is said that the Night’s King and his Corpse Queen had a half-human child, which may have survived. If so, the Starks could have a half-White Walker ancestor, because Old Nan tells us this (up next).

The Night’s King Was A Stark, According To Old Nan

No one knows much about the Night’s King, but Old Nan from the show seems confident he was a Stark as well. She tells Bran, “Some say he was a Bolton. Some say a Magnar out of Skagos, some say Umber, Flint, or Norrey… he never was. He was a Stark, the brother of the man who brought him down.” This suggests that The Lord Commander was the brother of Brandon the Breaker. If he and the Corpse Queen’s child survived, it would have been a Stark.

Half-Humans Have Existed For Centuries

In A Song of Ice and Fire, Old Nan tells Bran that half-human half-White Walker children are often born beyond the wall. She told him that wildling women would, “lay with the others in the Long Night to sire terrible half-human children.” If this is true, it would be plausible for a half-human Stark to have been conceived thousands of years ago, and potentially be the Night King we know today.

Bran The Breaker Erased The Memory Of His Brother

This whole theory is based solely on the fact that The Night’s King is a Stark. Though the books don’t confirm this, one detail makes it very plausible. After he killed the Night’s King, Bran the Breaker had all records of the13th Lord Commander’s existence erased. If he were a Stark and had fathered White Walkers, it would make sense that Bran the Breaker would want that erased from his family heritage.

Season Seven Finale Leaves Haunting Image

In the final episode of season seven, the show creators may have left us a clue that the White Walkers are led by a Stark. As the White Walkers march past the Wall, we see an overhead shot of them coming out of the forest. As they march, they form a direwolf, the sigil of House Stark. It’s possible the Night King is a Stark, taking back his land and saving it from men. But we won’t find out until April 14th.

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