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The Nicest Celebrities You’d Ever Want To Meet

Published on April 30, 2018

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Every time you go online, you always hear negative stories about celebrities, whether it’s gossip about their personal lives, or real-life run-ins with fans gone wrong. Don’t fret, though. A lot of your favorite stars are really nice to their fans. These five celebrities are proof that kindness can go a long way.

Chris Pratt

Waiting around at the airport can be a bit hectic at times. Nerves are at an all-time high thinking about whether or not your flight will arrive on time. Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt decided to spread some kindness while waiting for a flight by taking selfies with everyone in the area.

Jack Black

Movie stars are obsessed with watching their fellow actors on the big screen. While getting his seat, Jack Black accidentally spilled his popcorn on the floor. An usher went to clean the mess up, but they got a surprise. Black decided to grab the broom and take care of the situation himself.

Seth Rogen

Many celebs choose to steer clear of using public transportation when they’re in the city. Seth Rogen, however, isn’t one of them. While on the subway, one person noticed someone looking like the comedian next to them. They went to Twitter to announce their possible run in. Rogen noticed the tweet on his phone and replied with “Look up.” The person looked up and saw Rogen give them a goofy stare.

Lindsay Lohan

When it comes to going to the club, celebrities are always gifted with a VIP section. Actress Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to this area. While talking with some great fans one night, she decided to bring them over to this private zone. These fans got to hang out, chat, and drink with the star of Mean Girls until the club closed.

Val Kilmer

Not having a pen and paper for a potential autograph signing can be a bummer. For one fan, that was the ultimate nightmare when they met Val Kilmer. Fortunately, the Grammy-nominated actor was prepared for this situation. He simply pulled out a dollar bill and signed it for them.

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