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Niall Horan Believes One Direction Will Return

Published on December 20, 2019

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Pop music hasn’t been the same since One Direction went on hiatus in 2016. Fans around the world have been hoping for a reunion somewhere down the line. Thankfully, Niall Horan assured everyone the popular boy band will return better than ever.

Live While We’re Young

Horan made an appearance on the hit Australian TV show “The Project,” and talk of One Direction was inevitable. Like most musicians, the fast lifestyle of the music industry got into their psyche. “It was a collective decision. We had done five albums, five years, five tours. At some point, that takes its toll. People always used to say, ‘You’re young. You can do it. You try it,'” Horan said on “The Project.”

One Direction toured for five years straight with acts such as 5 Seconds of Summer and McBusted. During this time, the band was unavoidable on the radio with charting hits like “Perfect” and “Kiss You.” The band’s 2015 tour, which was their last before the hiatus, found them selling out stadiums at every turn. The last time One Direction appeared on stage together was Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015. Months before the performance aired, the band announced plans to take a break.

What Makes You Beautiful

Horan isn’t the only member speaking out about their hiatus. Liam Payne spoke to “The Guardian” about his experiences in the band. With so many shows and appearances, the singer found himself turning to alcohol for comfort. “Doing a show to however many thousands of people, then being stuck by yourself in a country where you can’t go out anywhere – what else are you going to do? The minibar is always there,” Payne told “The Guardian.”

During the band’s final days, Payne had no clue when he’d say goodbye to the group. “It was a point where every day, you didn’t know whether it was going to be the end. It was so touch and go, at every single show. I was slowly losing the plot,” Payne also told “The Guardian.” Looking back, Payne knew how lucky he was for the band’s success. “There were so many scenarios that had to fall into line for that to happen. It’s not something that can easily be recreated or probably ever will be because of the way the internet was kicking off, the way ‘The X Factor’ kicked off. I just think it was just dumb luck,” Payne told CNN.

Best Song Ever

Since the hiatus, all four members have been busy with their own thing. Payne unveiled his debut album LP1 earlier this month on Capitol Records. The album was initially slated for a January 2018 release, but Payne delayed it for more studio time. Louis Tomlinson returned to “The X Factor” as a judge in July 2018. After releasing a slew of singles, Tomlinson announced his debut album Walls. The 12-track release will be released on January 31, 2020, through Arista Records. Harry Styles turned to acting with 2017’s “Dunkirk.” He still has his hands in music with his sophomore solo album, Fine Line, releasing this month. Horan has been working on the follow-up to his 2017 debut solo album Flicker. Next spring, he’ll embark on a headlining arena tour across North America.

With everyone dealing with separate projects, the four members will eventually reunite in the future. “We obviously had a lot of fun. But you tire yourself out and take a break and do stuff like this…if it happens again we’ll come back with a bang,” Horan told “The Project.” For now, One Direction fans will support the boys on their journeys.

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