New Series ‘The Witcher’ Makes ‘Games Of Thrones’ Fights Look Amateur DirectExpose
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New Series ‘The Witcher’ Makes ‘Games Of Thrones’ Fights Look Amateur

Published on December 17, 2019


It seems like viewers can’t get enough of the fantasy genre since Game of Thrones flew onto our screens in 2011. As usual, Netflix has identified the trend and ran with it. Upon the release of The Witcher, a Netflix original created by Lauren Schmidt, lucky critics who got to watch it pre-release have already claimed the fight scenes “make Game of Thrones fights look awful”!

With a broiling cauldron of sex, swords and spellbinding storylines, the GoT was an instant hit, exciting and beguiling viewers with its vastly attractive cast, copious helpings of blood and gore, and a generous sprinkling of cliff-hangers. But apparently, The Witcher can give the reigning monarch of fantasy a run for its money!

Move Over, Game of Thrones

Several viewers have been quoted as saying the fight scenes were ‘the best’ they’ve ever seen. According to NME, The Witcher was ‘praised in its first reactions’. They even go as far as to say that it makes ‘GoT seem like two drunks fighting outside a bar!’


Some of you may be familiar with the show, as it was initially adapted into a popular video game. But, for those of us to whom the Continent is entirely unexplored, we’re expecting great things.

Seems Like A Tough Act To Follow

Netflix series The Witcher has already been hailed by critics as having tremendously skillful fight scenes before its actual release. Like GoT, The Witcher is based on a popular book series, written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski who is clearly got a passion for all things medieval.

If it was the elaborate costumes in GoT, the vast landscapes, the hideous baddies or the barefaced erotica that got you hooked, apparently The Witcher is an equally ocular Candyland, just with better fight scenes! One critic said ‘the fight choreography is insane. The first fight Geralt gets into is beautifully savage. The blend of swordplay and Geralt’s signs is perfection’.

Set in the sprawling land of the Continent, rather than Westeros, the show follows Geralt of Rivia who is described on Netflix as “a sword-wielding slayer, scorned by society, following a moral compass all his own. But not even a Witcher can fight destiny”.

Not A Bad Cast

When GoT aired back in 2011, the careers of many of its cast sky-rocketed. With Emilia Clarke as the fiery dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Kit Harrington as Jon Snow, the talented cast shined brightly throughout the series.

We may be able to soon say the same for The Witcher cast- Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, Freya Allen as the beautiful Ciri, Joe Batey as Jaskier, and many more.

Cavill is no rookie to residing in fantasy worlds, having starred in Stardust (2007), Blood Creek (2009) and Immortals (2011) just to name a few. The British actor also had a starring role in The Tudors, where he played the first Duke of Suffolk, and Entertainment Weekly named him ‘the most dashing duke’, possessing ‘charm, depth and killer bod’.

The Writer Actually Works On The Show

The show has already been renewed for another season, and according to PCGamer, writer Sapkowski works on the show as a creative consultant. He said in a press release that ‘I’m excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life’. Seeing as he took 30 years (yep, seriously) to write the novellas, it seems fair that he should be around to make sure the adaptation adheres to his vision.

Seeing as The Witcher features quite a few more bloodthirsty beasts (and humans… and witches and demons) we hope that his ‘killer bod’ is in shape for what’s to come!

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