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Netflix Renews ‘The Umbrella Academy’ For Season Two

Published on May 2, 2019

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Upon its release back in February, The Umbrella Academy has been gaining new fans by the minute. Quickly after binging it, everyone has been wondering if Netflix will renew the series. Fortunately, the popular streaming service has made its decision.

Super. Dysfunctional. Family.

Netflix has announced the show has been renewed for season two. Much like the first season, this will feature ten episodes. Since the announcement was so close to April Fools, many thought it was a joke. On Twitter, the show made it clear this was 100% real. As expected, fans were completely ecstatic with the news.

“I’ve been reading the comics since I was 13 years old and I love the first season. I’m so excited for more,” Twitter user MaggieGusman said.

Everyone Is Welcome

Originally slated to be a movie, The Umbrella Academy, was ordered by Netflix in 2017. Filming for the first season was filmed in Toronto and Hamilton. In a Rolling Stone interview, The Umbrella Academy co-creator Gerard Way discussed the cast’s diversity.

“Those were very early conversations that we all wanted there to be diversity in the casting and representation. We really wanted that, and it’s one of the ways that really improved upon the source material. The real source material is not very diverse, but that was very early conversations between Dark Horse and I, Jeremy Slater and I, who is the original showrunner, and he wrote the original pilot,” he told the publication. For Way, this is the second comic book series he’s worked on with a TV series. Doom Patrol, which he started writing back in 2016, has a series on DC Universe.

Another Chapter Coming Soon

Filming for the second season for The Umbrella Academy hasn’t been unveiled yet. With its cliffhanger ending, fans will be curious to see how things will pick up.

Want more Umbrella Academy goodness? Pick up the new series titled Hotel Oblivion at comic book stores now.

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