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Movie Villains With Shockingly Noble Motives

Published on April 17, 2019

Photo Credits: Disney/Marvel Studios

When it comes to movie villains, you want to toss your popcorn at them in anger. Their evil actions make you root for the hero even more. Some of them, however, do things with surprisingly good intentions. These villains will have you shaking your head in approval of their actions.

Is This Your King?

Growing up in a bad neighborhood, Killmonger felt angered as he stumbled upon Wakanda. Seeing so much advanced technology made him question why they kept it hidden from everyone. After defeating Black Panther, his goal was to help Wakanda take over the world. The hidden city could help billions with their high-quality resources. Fortunately, Wakanda unveiled itself to the world, but Killmonger wasn’t alive to see it happen.

The Ape Of Wrath

In the Planet of the Apes reboot, Koba simply despises all human beings. When you look at his backstory, it’s not hard to see why. His mother died at the hands of a human, and he was sold to an abusive owner. There’s also the countless experiments done on him by scientists.

Where’s That Wimpy Cowboy Doll?

After a while, children will get bored with their toys and decide to do weird stuff to them. Sid is the perfect example of a child letting their imagination run wild. While Sid was painted as a wicked kid, he wasn’t really hurting anyone as he thought he was playing with inanimate toys. Anyone that watched the film could relate to what Sid was doing. His only fault was not knowing those toys were alive. One fan theory states that he becomes a trash collector in Toy Story 3 to save broken toys.

Protecting The Innocent

In the X-Men film series, Magneto wasn’t shy about making sure mutants were the superior beings. One major concern was the Mutant Registration Act, which would force mutants to publicly reveal themselves. To him, this was a major invasion of privacy for the advanced species. As a Holocaust survivor, he didn’t want them suffering what he witnessed as a kid.

Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

Going into Infinity War, Marvel fans knew their beloved heroes would have a hard time with Thanos. After walking out of the theaters, those same fans also found themselves struggling with his behavior. Thanos successfully destroyed half the universe in the final act. The reason for that involved his own planet falling apart due to overpopulation. To him, this bold move would help save other planets from suffering the same fate.

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