Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Poke Fun At Tabloid Spreading Divorce Rumor DirectExpose
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Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Poke Fun At Tabloid Spreading Divorce Rumor

Published on September 8, 2019

Ashton Kutcher/Instagram

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher garner a lot of attention. The two have seen their fair share of rumors regarding their marriage. After an In Touch magazine headline was released with the headline “Ashton and Mila. It’s Over!”, the couple decided to clap back on Kutcher’s Instagram account.

Before hearing the response, learning about the couple’s history can help provide context to the aforementioned Instagram post.

The Love Story

Ashton and Mila met in 1998 when they both starred on That 70’s Show. Although the couple met early on in life, it wouldn’t be until later that their romantic relationship blossomed. Kutcher married actress Demi Moore in 2005. Kunis never married but, she did have a long relationship with Macaulay Culkin, which began in the early 2000s. Kutcher’s marriage to Moore lasted six years and ended in an amicable divorce in 2011.

Ashton and Mila seemingly remained friends through marriage and were often spotted together. Though many probably speculated the beginnings of a relationship, nothing was confirmed. That is, until 2013, when the two finally decided to exit the friend zone. Not long after that, the two had their first child together, daughter Wyatt Isabella in 2014. The couple tied the knot in 2015. Soon after they welcomed in another member of their family, son Dimitri in 2016.

Kunis and Kutcher may try to keep their personal life out of the media. With that being said, the tabloids seem to be generating plenty of rumors regarding the couple.

Ashton And Mila’s History With Headlines

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Kutcher stated: “I’m going to do everything in my power to keep this relationship private”. Despite his apparent efforts, he and his wife have found themselves on plenty of magazine covers. In 2017 Star Magazine published a piece accusing Ashton of cheating on Mila. The headline read, “Hey Ashton! Who’s the Girl?”. Kutcher responded on Twitter, “You should have heard how upset Mila was that I spent the day with our cousin. Sorry, aunt Jodie, these magazines lack integrity.” The article seemingly mistook the actor’s cousin for a potential mistress.

Kunis has also been the subject of several tabloid headlines. The actress likely tries her best to ignore the rumors, and in a 2018 interview with The Cosmopolitan, she had this to say: “I don’t read anything about myself. I genuinely don’t know what’s written about me…other than I know that I’m pregnant about once a year and my husband and I are getting a divorce once a year.” It seems Mila has become mostly desensitized to the drama, but some rumors might cut deeper than the others. In the same interview, she also made this statement, “At one point when I was pregnant, [the tabloids] said that I had an emergency and was rushed to the hospital, and my face was on the cover. The amount of stress that caused my family, nobody will understand.”

On June 29, the couple was perhaps fed up with tabloid gossip. Kutcher posted a video of him and Kunis mocking the aforementioned In Touch article on his Instagram account.



I guess it’s over @intouchweekly have fun selling magazines this week. Maybe next week my wife will be having twins. For the third time. But who’s counting.

A post shared by Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) on

The Star Couple Contines To Live The Dream 

Besides from dealing with tabloids, Kutcher and Kunis have continued their work in  television and film. Kutcher will be returning to the Netflix original show The Ranch. The Ranch will be premiring it’s 4th season on September 13th. The actor will also be in the James Franco directed film The Long Home, a drama that is set to release in 2019.

Kunis also has a show starting a new season in September. Family guy will begin their 18th season on September 29th and Mila will be reprising her role as Meg Griffen. Kunis is also set to appear on the big screen in 2020. The actress will be staring in Breaking News in Yuba County, a crime thriller.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been in the public eye for years at this point. Between their acting careers and success as a family, it’s not surprising that they attract attention. The two have endured several apparently false rumors and are sure to encounter several more. Fortunately, Kutcher and Kunis seem to have enough upcoming projects to perhaps garner some positive headlines.

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