Mayim Bialik Has Plenty In Store Following ‘The Big Bang Theory’ DirectExpose
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Mayim Bialik Has Plenty In Store Following ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Published on November 9, 2019


Actress Mayim Bialik saw a resurgence in her career with her time on The Big Bang Theory. Her portrayal of Amy Farrah Fowler landed her four consecutive Emmy nominations. With the show ending earlier this year, we look at what she’s been up to since the finale.

Showing Another Side Of Her

Bialik still connects with people through her YouTube channel, which launched in 2015. The channel includes a look into her daily life. While filming The Big Bang Theory, Bialik showed some behind-the-scenes footage. As of this writing, her channel has 744,000 subscribers.

Aside from the channel, she also dives into topics such as feminism and religion through Grok Nation. The actress launched the website in 2015. “What I try and reflect on Grok Nation is the person I am. It’s complicated and sometimes it’s messy, and there’s a lot of honesty and also a lot of opportunities for joy and for fun,” she told USA Today. “But many people I think seem to really resonate with a website that is really dealing with the messy bits of life in an unapologetic way.”

Future Projects In The Works

Bialik is looking to work more behind-the-scenes with her production company Sad Clown Productions. The actress revealed the company last summer, and she already signed with Warner Bros. TV Production. Mackenzie Gabriel-Vaught, who recently worked for Chuck Lorre Productions, will oversee its development. “After working with Mackenzie during my entire time at The Big Bang Theory, I have grown to respect and value her humor, candor, intelligence, and professionalism. There’s no one else I would rather start this new phase of my career with than Mackenzie and I can’t wait to start showing what we can do together,” Bialik said in a press release.

Her first major project with Sad Clown Productions is the forthcoming sitcom Carla. This series is based on the popular British sitcom Miranda. The show will reunite Bialik with That’s Wonderful Productions’ founder (and former co-star) Jim Parsons. “Carla is an unapologetically big, broad multi-cam with a strong female point-of-view, pushing the format in a way that will be distinctive,” Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn said in a press release. This will be Bialik’s first lead role in a show since BlossomCarla will debut sometime in 2020 on Fox.

Bialik will also make her directorial and screenwriting debut with the film As Sick as They Made Us. Ash Christian and Anne Clements will co-produce the movie.

Boys Will Be Boys

Bialik has been taking care of her two sons a lot more since The Big Bang Theory ended. While working on the popular series, she felt stressed about her time away from Miles and Frederick. “I feel mom guilt all the time. Especially with the societal emphasis on women being able to do it all. I would love to be able to do it all, but I can’t physically be in more than one place at once,” she told US Weekly.

The actress has been trading in her phone activity for more time with her sons. “I’m not just saying it helps me cope, but it helps me feel more connected when I’m with them so that when I’m not with them, I’m not feeling like I’m never present,” Bialik also told US Weekly.

Living Her Best Life

Bialik made a hefty fortune doing The Big Bang Theory. The final three seasons of the show found her earning $450,000 an episode. This was a huge step from the $175,000 per episode salary she gained in 2010. Thanks to her co-stars taking pay cuts, she gained a rightful raise. With a net worth of $25 million, Bialik isn’t hurting for money.

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