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Mark Ronson Apologizes For Sapiosexual Comments

Published on November 3, 2019


Mark Ronson, the famed singer-songwriter and music producer, has recently been under public scrutiny for a comment he made on the talk show Good Morning Britain. In a brief interview on the British talk show, Ronson eluded to the fact that he was attracted to intelligent people – a comment which turned into his “coming out” story as sapiosexual. Now, Ronson is taking back his comments, remarking that he does not identify as sapiosexual and is apologetic for the comments that caused offense.

Mark Ronson Talks With Rolling Stone About Sapiosexual Comments

After the initial interview on Good Morning Britain, Ronson received significant backlash from the media and the LGBTQA+ community. Because of his comments, many believed he was trying to use a sexual identification “buzzword” in order to gain attention. However, Ronson claims he never meant to use the term incorrectly. He explained to Rolling Stone that when he learned what the term meant – to be a person “attracted to intelligence” – he responded on the show: “That sounds great. Of course, who wouldn’t be?” His comments were interpreted as Ronson’s “coming out” as a sapiosexual. Mark goes on to say that he didn’t think much of the incident at the time: “And they [the hosts on Good Morning Britain] were like basically like, okay, Mark Ronson identifies himself as sapiosexual, that’s great. And then they proceeded to ask me about Miley Cyrus’ dating life and something else I probably wasn’t that informed to talk about, either, and then that was it.” However, many Ronson fans and followers in the media felt that his comments were insensitive. Those who identify as sapiosexual are often treated differently than people who are cisgender and heterosexual, which Ronson later said more accurately described his sexuality.

Ronson Is Embarrassed By His Faux Pas

Ronson claims in the Rolling Stone article he didn’t fully understand the question or the statement he made. He later explained that his poorly-received comments were made partially due to his lack of understanding of the term, as well as the brevity of the interview on Good Morning Britain. While Ronson’s comments were hurtful to many in the LGBTQA+ community, he claims in his interview with Rolling Stone that the incident was unintended: “It sounds like I went on a TV show to be like, ‘Guys, I have some big news… And the fact that I would ever go on and sort of declare myself as a heterosexual white male a part of any marginalized community was terrifying to me or just like embarrassing. I didn’t really think much of it.” Then, in this statement, Ronson clearly states that he identifies as heterosexual. He explains that while he may find intelligence to be attractive in a partner, he is by no means someone of the sapiosexual community.

Mark Ronson Apologizes For His Statement

While Ronson claims he did not intend to cause the media attention he received, he apologized for the statement and the hurt it caused members of the marginalized LGBTQA+ community. Ronson told Rolling Stone, “I do not consider myself part of any marginalized community and I apologize if anybody misunderstood or took offense to it.” Even his public apology has been scrutinized, for many believe that Ronson is simply using the story for media attention, good or bad. However, it can be certain that Mark Ronson does not identify as sapiosexual, and that hopefully, his blunder was one of misunderstanding, not misuse of the word for publicity. Either way, Ronson has clearly learned from this experience and may be more careful in the future before speaking publically about a subject for which he doesn’t have the knowledge or understanding.

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