Man Pops Huge Grass Bubble on Lawn and It’s So Satisfying DirectExpose
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Man Pops Huge Grass Bubble on Lawn and It’s So Satisfying

Published on October 16, 2017

James Callender/YouTube

There’s something so satisfying about popping bubbles—of any kind. Whether it’s that bubble wrap you get in the mail or an animated one moving around on your smartphone screen, we humans have an obsession with popping. If you’re one of these people, then you’ll love what’s coming next.

After finding a water bubble under his lawn, one Pennsylvania man decided to solve the situation in the most satisfying way possible.

Grass Bubble Creates Confusion In Pennsylvania

After a heavy rainfall, Pennsylvania resident James Callender found a bizarre occurrence in his yard. Somehow, the rainwater got trapped under his grass, forming a giant bubble.

Sure, it looked cool, and would have probably went away on its own, but Callendar is only human—he simply could not resist popping this bubble.

You Don’t See This Every Day

It’s not often that you get to see a man popping a grass bubble. It looked like Callender’s first time too, as his first few pokes were unsuccessful in popping the massive growth.

As his family and friends poked fun at his poking efforts, Callender decided he couldn’t give up. Even after putting his full weight on top, the bubble seemed resistant to letting loose. However, the bubble’s days were numbered.

Sweet Satisfaction

Eventually, the moment of truth arrived. After Callender’s numerous attempts at piercing this strange lawn bubble, a hole finally burst open.

Brown water flowed victoriously out of the bubble and all over Callender’s lawn. He didn’t seem to mind though, as he accomplished his goal.

Earlier in the video, Callender said: “I hope it’s not going to turn into Noah’s Ark.” Well, don’t worry, old friend. You’re going to need a much bigger bubble for that.

A female voice in the background said it best: “That’s what you call an old-fashioned mud puddle.”


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