Lucy From ‘Narnia’ Is All Grown Up DirectExpose
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Lucy From ‘Narnia’ Is All Grown Up

Published on April 3, 2019

Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images

Georgie Henley made her debut at age seven into the entertainment world with her role in the 2005 film, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.Henley quickly won fan hearts with her adorable, yet strikingly emotional maturity in her portrayal of Lucy. Henley has since gone on to continue growing with her career in the entertainment industry. Here’s what she’s been up to.

She Prioritized School

Henley didn’t let childhood stardom get the best of her and instead decided to prioritize her education past her first role. Unfortunately, returning to school after her debut meant she was the victim of bullying, so she laid low and didn’t pursue theater at this time.

All of Henley’s hard work in school paid off when she went on to study English Literature at the renowned, Cambridge University, while still balancing acting projects on the side.

Henley’s Career Has Grown With her

While the young actress took plenty of time off for school, she never stopped acting. Henley chooses her roles wisely, but as of recently entered the professional theater setting with her role in Philip Ridley’s play Angry in 2018.

She’s also been busy behind the scenes, exploring her talent in writing and directing. During an interview, she mentioned, “I want to continue acting, but also being given the freedom to write and direct in Cambridge has been amazing and made me realize that it is something I want to pursue.”

Should We Expect A Return To Narnia?

Despite talks of Netflix turning Chronicles of Narnia into its own series, Henley said it’s very unlikely she would play a role.

While Henley also told interviewers she credits her role in The Chronicles of Narnia to have taught her everything she knows about acting, she said will be continuing to focus on other projects.

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