Why Everyone Loves The Series Finale Of ‘Veep’ More Than ‘Game Of Thrones’ DirectExpose
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Why Everyone Loves The Series Finale Of ‘Veep’ More Than ‘Game Of Thrones’

Published on May 24, 2019

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If you haven’t seen it yet, Veep is a six-time Emmy-nominated political satire with a truly incredible cast and storyline. It first aired in 2012 and has since wrapped up its seventh and final season on May 12th. While HBO is getting tons of buzz for its controversial Game of Thrones final season, Veep offers fans the satisfying and heartfelt ending that we all need.

The show includes a stellar cast including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, and Reid Scott. It has won three Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, while the star Louis-Dreyfus won six of her own Emmy awards for her performance. Here’s what all the fuss is about on the series finale, and why you need to watch this show ASAP.

How The Series Ended (And Why It’s So Clever)

Veep is a colorful and clever comedy that plays on the absurdity of modern American politics. Though the show is pure satire, it can feel as if you’re watching what really happens behind closed doors in the Oval Office. The series ends with Selina Meyers, the anti-hero and former president in the show, passing away at the age of 76. Selina’s death wasn’t necessarily shocking, but what happens next had fans reeling. As Selina’s former press secretary gives her eulogy on national news, the coverage is interrupted by an even bigger event: Tom Hanks’ death.

Live coverage of Selina’s funeral is quickly interrupted by a montage of Tom Hanks, while the reporter on screen “mourns the loss of an American icon.” This is not only the perfect ending to the series — Selina’s own death being undermined by someone of greater power — it is a callback to the very first episode. In season one, Selina’s team is trying to figure out a way to distract from a PR blunder where Selina uses the “r-word” in public. The team decides to try and pause her public apology in hopes that a bigger news story will come on distract from her speech. McLintock, one of her team members comments, “What if Tom Hanks dies? I’m not wishing that. I’m saying anything could happen: Tom Hanks could die.” In Selina’s final moments of public remembrance, Tom Hanks does indeed die and steal her thunder.

How People Felt About The Ending

The final farewell joke went over very well with both fans and the cast. Many HBO fans said it was even better than Game of Thrones, which has been getting most of the media attention with its controversial plot twists. HBO viewers are much more satisfied with the series wrap on Veep. The cast and crew of the show were also very happy with the ending. Tony Hale tweeted after the series finale, “For 8 years, I’ve had the gift of working with these wonderful folks. Not only am I so grateful for this job but even more grateful to have worked with people who are kind and giving…”

Dave Mandel made the decision to end Veep with a callback to the first episode, as he was first a fan of the show before becoming its producer. He said, “I am truly a fan and I did the stuff as a fan that I wanted to see… There’s nothing more Selina Meyer, even with her winning the presidency than finally that the day she dies, somebody better dies and steals all her thunder. It’s the ultimate Selina Meyer: Utter, utter lack of respect, but in a form you’ve never seen before.”

What About Tom Hanks’ Reaction?

Obviously, Tom Hanks had to approve of his fake death before the showrunners could write it into the finale. They emailed Hanks explaining the joke, but almost didn’t get approval to use footage of his films to use in a fake funeral montage because the actor was out of the office. However, he loved the idea, and allowed it just in time for them to write it into the series finale. Mandel said Louis-Dreyfus later received an email from Hanks after the series finale aired, and confirmed that the actor enjoyed the final joke. Fans and critics seemed to agree because the final season received at 87% approval rating from critics on Metacritic. It is a must-see for HBO viewers, especially if you’re tired of all the GoT controversy. 

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