Liam Neeson Opens Up About Wife Natasha Richardson’s Sudden, Tragic Death DirectExpose
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Liam Neeson Opens Up About Wife Natasha Richardson’s Sudden, Tragic Death

Published on November 21, 2019

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Liam Neeson will always remember the night of March 16, 2009. While filming a movie in Toronto, Canada, he received a phone call informing him that his wife, Natasha Richardson, had been in a serious skiing accident. Recently, Neeson has opened up about Richardson’s death. You might want to grab a box of tissues.

Their Intimate Romance

Neeson met Richardson in 1993 while performing in a Broadway revival of the play Anna Christie. Immediately, the two began an intimate romance. They were married on July 3, 1994, and they bought a shared home in Millbrook, New York. Richardson became a naturalized American citizen (having been born and raised in London, United Kingdom).

Together, the couple had two sons: Micheál (b. 1995) and Daniel (b. 1996). Married for 16 years, Neeson said Richardson repeatedly brought him joy. He reflected, “She was my everything. Those 16 years of being her husband taught me how to love unconditionally.”

The couple was destined to grow old together. But life had other plans on March 16, 2009. It was a day Neeson probably wishes he could forget, but he never will. He lost his soulmate, and the world lost a bright light in show business.

About Her Accident

Richardson was taking a beginner skiing lesson at the Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec. She fell and sustained a head injury. At first, the actress (best known for her role as Elizabeth James in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap) refused any medical attention—thinking her injury wasn’t that serious. People fall all the time. She thought she would be okay.

Two hours later, Richardson began complaining about a severe headache. Once she learned the severity of her injury, Richardson knew her chances of survival were slim. Neeson rushed to Quebec to be with his wife, who said she had taken a “tumble in the snow” but that she would pass away in a few hours.

Neeson remarked, “And I went into her and told her I loved her. Said, ‘Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this. You’ve banged your head.”

Afterward, Richardson was flown to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, where she received medical attention until she passed away two days later on March 18 from an epidural hematoma. Neeson donated her organs to help someone else, which is exactly what Richardson would have wanted.

Talking About The Grief

For the longest time since his wife’s death, Neeson kept mostly quiet about his grief. He reportedly removed himself (to the best of his abilities) from the public eye. But now, he’s speaking about his grief and how he has adapted to life as a single parent, raising their two sons.

“They say the hardest thing in the world is losing someone you love. Someone you grew old with and watched grow every day,” Neeson said. He added, “Someone who showed you how to love. It’s the worst thing to ever happen to anyone.”

Richardson’s death was unexpected, and it was a shock to all of her fans, friends, and family members who loved her. But Neeson said her death served as a reminder that you must not take anything for granted in life. You never know when someone might unexpectedly leave you.

He remarked, “Because, life is very short. Spend time with your spouses. Treat them well. Because, one day, when you look up from your phone, they won’t be there anymore.”

Neeson concluded, “Live and love (every day) like it’s your last. Because, one day, it will be. Take chances and go live life. Tell the ones you love that you love them every day. Don’t take any moment for granted. Life is worth living.” That’s a good lesson, Neeson. We’ll learn from your advice.

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