Kit Harington Hasn’t Watched The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ DirectExpose
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Kit Harington Hasn’t Watched The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Published on October 3, 2019

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The final season of Game of Thrones was one for the ages. The six-episode season had the entire Internet buzzing. It even got a thumbs up from Starbucks! But not everyone has caught up to this cultural phenomenon yet, including some of its own cast.

There’s A Good Reason For It

At the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, Harington was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. While he didn’t win, Harington was still cheerful as he hung out with the Game of Thrones cast. When it came to the controversy surrounding the final season, he had a way to avoid it.

“I still haven’t seen the show. So that’s how I dealt with that controversy — I haven’t seen the final season but I know what it took to shoot it. It was hard and all of them put their love and effort into it,” Harington told Entertainment Weekly. “Controversy, I think for us, we knew what we were doing was right, storywise, and we knew that it was right for the characters because we lived with them for 10 years. Controversy for us didn’t really affect us.”

At the Emmys, Game of Thrones walked away with 12 awards. The major awards earned include Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Peter Dinklage). The HBO show won the most awards at the ceremony. Its 32 nominations broke the record for most nominations for a show in one year.

It Had To End

Game of Thrones brought Harington global fame upon its release in 2011. The English actor earned numerous accolades, including a Gold Derby TV Award for Best Drama Supporting Actor. When it came to discovering who’d make it out alive in season eight, he found out at the table read.

“They just sent us the scripts and we all read them. I didn’t read them until I got to the table read, ’cause I wanted just to listen to it. I thought, There’s no point in reading it when I can hear the actual actors speaking out loud,” Harington told Esquire. “So yeah, that was the first time we knew what was happening this season and the fates of our characters. I think it hit everyone very personally around that table when a character didn’t make it. There was a kind of tear in people’s eyes, and we’d look up at the other actors and be like [mimes a salute] for, you know, whoever it was that had gone.”

One thing that irked Harington was the growing cast of the series. Game of Thrones had the largest ensemble cast of all time with over 250 actors involved. With that much talent, not everyone could get their proper time to shine. “But I think you get tired of that [cast shuffling] after eight years. And that’s when the show needs to end. We’ve gone through as many variations of people as we can. The show’s gotten as big as it can. The in-house jokes that go around are getting slightly tired now. We need to end,” Harington also told Esquire.

Time To Get Eternal

Now, Harington is focusing on the next big chapter of his acting career: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’ll portray Dane Whitman in The Eternals, which will be released on November 6, 2020. In comic books, Whitman is the third character to use the moniker Black Knight. Much like Harington’s Game of Thrones character, Whitman excels in swords and horse riding. Harington’s involvement in the movie was announced at this summer’s D23 Expo. The Eternals will reunite Harington with fellow Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden. In the film, Madden will portray the Eternal Ikaris. Madden exited Game of Thrones following season three. Filming for the movie is taking place in England. Perhaps, Harington can catch up on the final season in between takes.

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