Kim Kardashian Says Her Success Is Owed To This Surprising Celebrity DirectExpose
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Kim Kardashian Says Her Success Is Owed To This Surprising Celebrity

Published on August 30, 2019

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

In 2007, socialite Kim Kardashian gained worldwide recognition with E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The highly-rated reality show helped launch her multi-million dollar enterprise. For Kardashian, none of her success would be possible without the help of an old friend.

We’ll Always Have Paris

In a KUWTK sneak peek, Kardashian praises Paris Hilton for paving the way. “I really would wanna do anything for [Paris]. She literally gave me a career and I totally acknowledge that,” Kardashian said in the clip. The episode follows Kardashian filming a cameo for Hilton’s music video for “Best Friend’s A**.” The two wore matching silver dresses for their scene. This shoot was in the middle of a hectic week for Kardashian. She had to prepare for the Met Gala and the birth of her son Psalm West.

Kim’s sister Khloe knew others would say something different. “A lot of people, no matter of how they got their success, wouldn’t say, ‘I got my career because of Paris.’ They’d be like, ‘Haha b**ch, look who’s popping now.’ You’re so sweet and kind, and your schedule’s crazy,” Khloe said in the clip.

Friends Until The End

Kardashian and Hilton met when they were little girls, and their friendship blossomed as they aged. Kardashian got her first taste of reality show stardom on The Simple Life. She appeared on the show frequently as Hilton’s assistant.

Following the show, Kardashian and Hilton became close friends. The pair excelled at getting people to talk about them. “We’d go anywhere and everywhere just to be seen. We knew exactly where to go, where to be seen, how to have something written about you. All you had to do is go to this restaurant, or this party, talk about whatever you want to talk about, and it would be in the paper the next day,” Kardashian told Rolling Stone.

Things weren’t always great between the socialities, though.  While Kardashian’s popularity rose, Paris’ stardom took a sharp fall. Fame got in the way of childhood friends. “We don’t really talk. As I always say, everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. And she was in my life for a long time,” Kardashian told Harper’s Bazaar back in 2011. Fortunately, the two patched things up.

Creating New Ways Of Popularity

Hilton’s influence is in many Internet celebrities today. Being “famous for being famous” has skyrocketed over the years thanks to Instagram and Twitter. The Simple Life planted the seed for this form of popularity. “I do feel like the OG of a lot of this, and I was definitely very before my time. When I first came in this industry as a teenager in New York City, there was no social media whatsoever. I was just being myself and creating a brand on my own without any of these tools. I created that genre of celebrity. Now kids can be in their bedroom with an iPhone and build a brand and persona and I think that’s awesome. It’s a whole new world and I love it. It feels good to be a part of something so huge,” Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter.

Hilton’s reality show adventures have been dwindling because of an increase in business opportunities. While engaged to Chris Zylka, she teased a return to document her married life. “We’ve been getting a lot of calls and a lot of offers from different networks, pitching that show, so maybe,” she told E! News. Unfortunately, Zylka and Hilton ended their engagement back in November. Hilton could still do a reality show on one of her many business ventures.

For now, Hilton will have to continue watching Kardashian dominate the reality TV world. The new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will premiere on September 8.


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