Weird New Katy Perry Theory: She’s A Cannibal? DirectExpose
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Weird New Katy Perry Theory: She’s A Cannibal?

Published on April 27, 2018

Paul Kane/Getty Images

The latest crazy fan theory in Katy Perry news? She’s a cannibal. At least, that’s what some are claiming her video, “Bon Appetit,” along with an alleged French Radio interview in which Perry supposedly shared her belief that human flesh is the best meat, not-so-discreetly confirm.

‘Human Flesh is The Best Meat’

Somewhere out there, there’s apparently a clip from French Radio where Perry describes her love for the taboo dish, going as far as to explain its popularity among the Hollywood Elite.

She reportedly says, “There is a group of old Hollywood guys who have an annual dinner party where the main dish is human.”

Christian Singer Turned Satanist Cult Follower?

Perry’s upbringing in a Christian family and early start as a gospel singer is well documented. Her leap into ironic and catchy pop songs that launched a mainstream career put her in the spotlight as both a sex symbol and as a creative artist, typically releasing videos full of humor and whimsy. Could the light-hearted girl that danced around with an infamous, inflatable shark really attend Illuminati-inspired, people-eating parties?

Highly unlikely. In fact, the site that reported Perry’s radio interview is notoriously known for putting out fake news. No audio has ever been published, and there is no evidence it even exists.

‘Bon Appetit’ Is More Of A Metaphor

The music video seemed to solidify for Perry Conspiracy Theorists her desire to snack on human bones. Others, slightly less Hannibal Lector loving individuals, have paralleled the video, and her preparation through various stages from being flowered to being topped with condiments, to society’s treatment of women and body objectivity. Is it that deep, or could the girl just want to finish a meal with human filled pie?

Or perhaps, Perry has a keen sense of business. As a Christian, she has been the perfect candidate for satanic conspiracy theories. As unfounded and outrageous as they may be, could she have made the video in an attempt to get people talking? To increase publicity? Without an invite to the Hollywood Human Dining Party, we may never know.

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