From ‘Juno’ To ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ Let’s Review Ellen Page’s Transformative Career DirectExpose
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From ‘Juno’ To ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ Let’s Review Ellen Page’s Transformative Career

Published on April 23, 2019

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We were first introduced to Ellen Page in her 2007 indie comedy-drama, Juno. Fans fell in love with her. Afterward, she was recognizable to everyone. There were a few years, however, where the actress removed herself from Hollywood. But now she’s back and we can’t wait to see what her future holds.

Just A Normal Kid

Born in Nova Scotia, in 1987, Page had a childhood like most of us, consisting of playing soccer, riding her bicycle, and swimming in a lake. But on one trip to Toronto, Page attended a theatrical performance of The Phantom of the Opera. She fell in love with acting and wanted to start her own career.

Her Early Career

Page started acting when she was ten years old. She was cast in the 1997 television movie Pit Pony, and later in the series of the same name. She later appeared in a variety of Canadian films and television shows until she moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to star in her first film, Hard Candy. That was only the beginning for the young actress.

Starring In “Juno”

In 2007, Page starred in Juno, a teenage pregnancy comedy-drama that she immediately fell in love with. She commented, “I was excited about this character because I felt like it was a teenage female lead that we’ve just never seen before. Although she was incredibly unique and witty and all of these things, she was also very genuine and it all felt just very sincere.”

Stepping Away From The Spotlight

Following Juno, Page starred in a variety of popular films, including Whip It, Inception, and the X-Men series. But in 2014, Page began to step away from the spotlight. She starred in less popular films and even came out as a lesbian in a riveting speech at the Human Rights Campaign. But where is she now?

Starring In “The Umbrella Academy”

Fans can now see Page in the new Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy. She plays Vanya Hargreeves, a violinist and the only sibling without powers in a dysfunctional family. The show is already renewed for a second season, so it seems Page has found her way back in Hollywood. It doesn’t look like she’s going away anytime soon.

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