Bloopers And Interviews That Prove Samuel L. Jackson More Awesome Than You Thought DirectExpose
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Bloopers And Interviews That Prove Samuel L. Jackson More Awesome Than You Thought

Published on May 7, 2019

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Samuel L. Jackson is one of everyone’s favorite actors, from his incredible Nick Fury performances to his cutting-edge characters in Quentin Tarantino films. Jackson voiced Frozone in The Incredibles, played Mr. Glass in the Unbreakable franchise, and was nominated for an Oscar in Pulp Fiction. It seems there isn’t anything this talent can’t do. Though we love him on screen, this blooper reel shows he’s just as lovable and original in real life. Fair warning, Jackson uses some foul language in these bloopers — though that shouldn’t be surprising.

Johnson Plays A Joke On Jackson

The first clip is from The Other Guys, where Samuel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are filming the famous jump scene together. The Rock tells Jackson to “duck and roll” as he jumps. Jackson lets out an invigorated scream while being simultaneously left behind by Johnson. The scene becomes one of the most famous from the movie, and it looks like the actors had a fun time filming it.

Jackson Throws Shade At His Co-Stars

In another scene, Jackson throws some shade at co-star Cobie Smulders. She pauses a take, saying that she looked directly into the camera while saying her line. Jackson retorts, “You just forgot the line now you trying to make up some other [excuse].” Cobie defends her stance but it’s hard to argue with Samuel L. Jackson when he calls you out on making a mistake.

Jackson Surprises Jimmy Fallon Viewers

Samuel L. Jackson is a popular interviewee for many reasons. He’s witty, fans love him, and he’s one of the more active actors in Hollywood, which means his appearances are always relevant. However, he’s made more than one interview faux pas while on TV with Jimmy Fallon. During one interview, Fallon shows a social media press photo of Jackson for his movie Kong: Skull Island. He asks Jackson to read the caption, which says, “Why is this mother***king Kong Island movie all up in my shot?” In another interview, Jackson reads his first tweet which was, “Can a mother***er say f*** on here?” right after Fallon reminds him that he shouldn’t curse on TV. There is never a dull moment with Samuel around. For more bloopers, check out the video below:

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