The Most Interesting Automotive Finds on American Pickers DirectExpose
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The Most Interesting Automotive Finds on American Pickers

Published on December 8, 2018

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American Pickers is a fantastic History Channel show that takes thrifting to the next level. Co-hosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe travel the country looking for rare antique items in unusual places. Unlike other pawning and antiquing shows, they typically go to individuals, abandoned buildings, or other out of the box locations to shop. To date, these are some of the rarest and most bizarre American Pickers finds:

A Dodge A100 Hot Rod Truck

This oddly designed, bright orange Dodge Hot Rod was one of Mike and Frank’s favorite finds. Unfortunately, Mike was unable to test drive it before they purchased the vehicle because the low roof wouldn’t allow enough space for him in the driver’s seat. Though a very rare vehicle, it only cost the Pickers $12,500.

A 1935 Auburn Phantom 653

Another great automotive find on American Pickers was the 1935 Auburn Phantom 653 during Season 14. They purchased the car from an individual who had kept it in a barn, unused for many years. It cost them $27,500 to but and transport the vehicle. With another $10,000 in renovations they were able to completely restore the car and bring it’s worth up to $45,000.

A One Of A Kind Leather License Plate

Frank and Mike not only love cars but car accessories, especially like this one of a kind leather license plate. In the early 1900s you didn’t have to go to the DMV for a tag. Instead, the government allowed car owners to put their license numbers however they wanted. One of the most common ways was to create a plate with leather embossed letters, like this American Pickers piece. Mike bought the only plate of its kind to be issued for an Oldsmobile for only $1000.

Two 1954 Nash-Healeys

Nash Motors was one of the most popular sportscar manufacturers of the early 1950s. Mike and Frank found not one, but two of the 1954 cars at a North Carolina AMC dealership. They bought a red and a grey model for $46,000 total. Though it seems steep, these cars are worth on average $36,800 each, giving the Pickers a great profit.

A Hand-carved Model T

Even if you’re not an American Pickers fan, you need to watch the episode “Hot Rod Hero,” of season 15. In this episode Mike and Frank meet a man whose father had hand-carved a fully wooden Model T. Instead of purchasing the masterpiece, they decided to help the owner put the car in a museum for the local community to admire and enjoy.

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