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IKEA Replicated Living Room Sets From Your Favorite Shows And They’re Perfect

Published on June 17, 2019

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There are some television show living room sets that are more famous than others. For example, everyone knows the living rooms of I Love Lucy, All in the Family, The Brady Bunch, The Big Bang Theory, and many more. People would love to recreate the sets, which is why IKEA designed replicas of three fan favorites, including Friends. Welcome home to your favorite television shows.

About The Collection

Swedish furniture superstore IKEA knows how much people love television, especially television show living room sets. That’s why the United Arab Emirates division of the company created a campaign, “IKEA Real Life Series,” that displayed replicas of three television shows: The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things. Customers are not only treated to the recreations but they can also order the products on display. You can recreate your own set of Friends.

While it might seem easy to recreate the sets, IKEA claims it was a challenge choosing which living room sets to redesign. “We had a list of 60 [shows], so deciding these three was quite a hard decision to make,” said Eduardo Marques, the CCO of Publicis, an ad agency partnered with IKEA. Once designers made their decisions, the next step was to select the furniture items for the living rooms. We think they made smart decisions with these sets.

Recreating ‘The Simpsons’

IKEA recreated the living room set from the classic animated family comedy, The Simpsons. If you’re familiar with the show, then you know Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie enter the living room at the beginning of every episode. The set will always be associated with the show.

The Simpsons & IKEA pic.twitter.com/X185lsHsnd

— Gördüğüne İnan! (@gorduguneinan) June 2, 2019

IKEA’s recreation is nostalgic to the show that has been on the air since 1989. It’s “old school” with the iconic 1980’s sofa, television set with the antennas, lamp, rug, the crooked picture of a sailboat on the wall, and more. IKEA claims the redesigns aren’t exactly like the original television shows, because you can’t buy the exact same purple side table, but the recreations are as close to the living room as possible. Designers had a good eye for detail.

Come Hang Out With ‘Friends’

You can’t help but feel nostalgic for the 1990s with this classic television show set from Friends. It’s one of the most popular living room sets in television history. Monica and Rachel’s (and then Chandler’s) apartment was the frequent hang out spot for the friends. It’s where Phoebe, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel met to mostly talk, eat, or watch television. Apart from Central Perk, the living room set is frequently associated with the ‘90s sitcom.

#IKEA just re-created #monica ‘s Living Room From #friends !
So now you can live inside your favorite television show…you just need to assemble it all! pic.twitter.com/WUrqAxtBjw

— Jeffrey Klarik (@JeffreyKlarik) June 1, 2019

IKEA’s recreation is nearly perfect. The walls are purple, and the furniture is practically the same (not to mention positioned correctly in the room). Clean freak Monica would be happy with the precise attention to her living room. Everything is neat, which she always loved. We’ll clap to the designers (to the beat of the show’s theme song). If you decide to buy the furniture, we hope you won’t have to “pivot” to get the couch to fit in your home.

Blinking Lights In ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things is the most recent television show on this list. The Netflix original series has a few recognizable sets, including Joyce Byers’ living room set. Joyce famously decorated the wall with letters of the alphabet and Christmas lights in order to communicate with her son. It’s an iconic image from the supernatural show’s first season.

#Ikea recreated rooms from #StrangerThings, The Simpsons and more: https://t.co/9qajqGN2r9 pic.twitter.com/blrzV8t5qa

— Nerdist (@nerdist) June 3, 2019

IKEA’s recreation features the same 1980’s wallpaper, the lights, and the alphabet painted on the wall. The replica looks exactly like the original living room set. It’s almost scary how similar the set looks (but not as scary as some of the events on the show). As long as the IKEA collection doesn’t feature a Demogorgon, you’ll be safe.

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