Husband Hilariously (And Intentionally!) Photobombs Wife’s Picture With Jason Momoa DirectExpose
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Husband Hilariously (And Intentionally!) Photobombs Wife’s Picture With Jason Momoa

Published on July 5, 2018

David M. Benett/Getty Images

Imagine having the opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity, but when you later look at the photograph, you discover someone photobombed your once-in-a-lifetime meeting. That’s what happened to one married woman who met Jason Momoa. She wanted a photo, but her husband decided he had other plans.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Meeting

Celebrity meet-and-greets are held frequently at conventions, but they often come with an expensive price tag. It’s no wonder one woman was overly excited when she had the opportunity to meet one of her favorite television stars at a recent Denver ComicCon, Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa. When it came time for her to get a photograph taken with the actor, she didn’t want to invite her husband along.

No Husbands Allowed

According to her Imgur post, the wife had one simple request for her husband during the photo opportunity: that he didn’t attend. “It’s true that I did kind of want to have my own picture. Really, who can blame me?” she shared. She had no idea her husband would oppose the idea.

All For A Price

According to the woman’s husband, he wasn’t going to pay for the photo opportunity if he couldn’t be in the photo, too. After all, celebrity photos aren’t cheap; therefore, he decided to trick his wife by photobombing the photo. Don’t think Momoa didn’t have his own fun! When he was asked to participate in the photobomb experience, he happily exclaimed, “Hell yeah!”

An Even Better Picture

While the original photo would have been fine, the snapshot with the photobomb is even better. The photo shows the wife posing with Momoa’s hand on her shoulder. They’re both smiling at the photo while the husband is pushed away by the Hollywood actor, as if to say, “back off.” Momoa then signed the photo, with his signature covering the husband’s face!

Creating A Viral Photo

While the wife probably didn’t think the photobomb would spread on social media, that’s exactly what happened. Her Reddit post gained over 3,000 comments. The recent attention has inspired the woman to take similar photos at other ComicCon conventions. What photo will her husband photobomb next?

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