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Hot Take On ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Reboot

Published on September 16, 2019


1987’s Masters of the Universe became an instant classic and introduced everyone to Courteney Cox. Now, this beloved film is getting the long-awaited reboot treatment. Here are some juicy details unveiled about this forthcoming project so far.

Who’s Directing?

Aaron and Adam Nee will be directing the film. The brothers gained acclaim for 2006’s The Last Romantic and 2015’s Band of Robbers. Aside from directing, Adam stars in both films. Band of Robbers earned the Director’s Choice Award at the 2015 Naples Film Festival.

Getting Rewrites Done

Before leaving the project, writer/producer David S. Goyer had a draft of the script complete. Sony couldn’t go forward with it because Goyer had larger than life ideas. “I’m not going to talk too much about it, I know they’re making it still. But I’ll tell you it was… just the story of Greyskull and that sort of thing and there was some really cool stuff in there. I don’t think they’re gonna make that version. I know they’re not going to,” creature designer Carlos Huante told HN Entertainment. “It was like a Lord of The Rings film, it was huge! And there was all kinds of stuff in there, you could have divided up that script into three movies and it would have worked. That’s how big it was.”

Art Marcum and Matt Holloway were brought in to rewrite the script. The two screenwriters are known for writing Iron Man, Transformers: The Last Knight, and Men in Black: International.

Noah Has The Power

Stepping into He-Man’s shoes is actor Noah Centineo. The Miami native is best known for his work in the Freeform drama The Fosters. The actor can be seen in the forthcoming Charlie’s Angels film.

With playing He-Man, Centineo knows it’s a tall task. “It’s a really big responsibility. It’s a new universe and it’s a new studio and their take on a universe,” he told MTV News. “The Nee brothers, Adam and Aaron Nee, they’re directing it, and they’re the filmmakers in charge of the story, and they are doing one hell of a job developing the world and all these things, so. I can’t tell you what tone they’re going for, but they’re genius.”

Cameras Rolling Next Year

Filming for Masters of the Universe was set to begin over the summer. In an interview with The Portable Clint Culp Show, Adam Nee revealed filming was pushed to next year. “We’ve been prepping and we’re doing some script work. The prep that you do and it’s long prep because it’s a huge movie. And we shoot the beginning of next year,” he said. The film will be shot in Prague for three months. Recently, The Spy Who Dumped Me and The Man with the Iron Heart were shot in the city.

Brought To Us By Mattel

This will be the second live-action film under the Mattel Films banner. Mattel Films was launched in 2018 to produce live-action movies based on their line of toys. “Mattel is home to one of the world’s greatest portfolios of beloved franchises, and the creation of Mattel Films will allow us to unlock significant value across our IP,” Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz said in a press statement. Other films in the works include Barbie (May 8, 2020), Hot Wheels, and an untitled View-Master film.

When Does It Drop?

Originally, the reboot was hitting theaters on December 18, 2019. Sony pushed the film back to March 5, 2021. Masters of the Universe won’t be alone on that date, though. Fox’s adaptation of the webcomic Nimona will also be released. Universal is set to release an untitled film as well.

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