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Why We Haven’t Seen Paris Hilton Lately

Published on May 23, 2019

Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for The Glam App

Remember the woman who made “That’s hot” a household phrase? Paris Hilton has been in the spotlight for more years than we can count, but we haven’t been seeing her on screens lately. That’s because the famous celebutante has had her hands full with her successful perfume line, her series of award-winning novels, and her new career as a DJ. Find out why we haven’t seen Paris Hilton lately.

The Simple Life

If you’ve ever heard of the Hilton hotel franchise, then you’ll know that Paris is an heir to the luxurious Hilton throne. Christened Paris Whitney Hilton on February 17, 1981, she had the privilege of being the great-granddaughter of the illustrious hotelier Conrad Hilton. While she was born in New York City, she was truly raised in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills. As a teen, she was quickly scouted to become a model and signed with Trump Model Management in New York (yes, that Trump).

While living in the Big Apple, she gained a reputation as the most “extra” girl on the nightclub scene. Pictures of her living her best life flooded the media, and soon the world was bombarded with images of the new “It girl.” In 2003, her fun-loving persona and fairy-tale life led her to score her first role on the small screen with the hit reality TV show The Simple Life. Co-starring her bestie Nicole Richie, the two took the world by storm and charmed 13 million viewers for five years. Paris created so many iconic moments on the show, like when she innocently asked, “Wal-mart… do they like make walls there?” Don’t we all wish we lived such a care-free life?

After her incredibly memorable hit show, Paris had more serious endeavors in mind. She soon became a New York Times best-selling author with her string of books. In 2004, she was paid a $100,000 advance to pen her first novel, Confessions of an Heiress. The following year, she released her popular second novel, Your Heiress Diary: Confess It All to Me. Is there anything that this multi-faceted heiress can’t do?

The Original Influencer

In 2005, Paris decided to try a new endeavor: starring in the cult-classic film The House of Wax. This film came out at the peak of the young star’s heyday, and she even earned an award for her role. The next year, she was featured in the made-for-TV film Bottoms Up and the movie Pledge This. By 2008, she was back in Hollywood to film the totally-2000s movie The Hottie and the Nottie. While she hasn’t been appearing in films lately, it’s probably because she’s too busy selling her in-demand perfume line.

From 2004 to 2016, she launched 20 distinctly unique perfumes and pocketed a cool $2 billion in profits. When asked about her signature scent “Gold Rush” by WWD magazine, she responded “I love how this one makes you feel. You feel really confident when you wear it. I like something that really brings attention to you, and something that people remember. My fragrances, in the beginning, were more girly, almost Disney fantasy-like with characters in fairy dust and me dressed as a fairy. Now, with Gold Rush, it is more mature and very sophisticated. It’s a completely different scent.”

About her status as a veteran in the perfume game, she quipped, “I’ve been in this business so long, I’m a pro at it. I know what the consumer wants, and I know what I want. I’ve smelled so many scents, and I basically have everything memorized. I always want to do something different from the last one.” She also owns her own line of girly accessories and confessed to PEOPLE magazine that, “I’m a completely different person. I’ve grown so much as a person and a woman…I’ve been through a lot, but I’ve worked really hard, and I’ve built my empire. I run my company with 17 different product lines. I’m going nonstop, constantly traveling.”

Pretty In Pink

The woman who is credited with making Kim Kardashian famous has been up to even more amazing things lately. Surprisingly, she’s gained a reputation for being the dopest DJ in Ibiza. By September 2016, she was reportedly paid $300,000 just to play one show in Serbia. She’s admitted that her regular nightclub appearances led to her love of electronic music. In 2016, she spilled the tea to PEOPLE magazine that “I was always in the DJ booth, telling the DJs what to play, so the club owners were like, ‘Why don’t you try it?’ I was nervous to try [it] at first because it’s very technical, but I trained with the best in the business for about six hours a day for six months.”

Incredibly, her first DJ performance was as a supporting act for JLo for a crowd of 30,000 adoring fans. Paris revealed to People magazine that, “I felt that energy and really fell in love with being a DJ and got really into it. Now I’m starting to produce my own beats.” She actually became a resident DJ at the Ibiza nightclub Amnesia, spending most of her time on the hard-partying island. When she’s not living in Spain, she visits America to see family and friends, as well as to DJ in Atlantic City and Vegas. After the starlet got engaged to Chris Zylka in 2018, fans thought she would quit her DJ career. But don’t worry, DJ Hilton is here to stay!

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